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A message for the holidays

by Dr. Randy


Christmas star

At this glorious season I wish you the shining light of insight to see the truth behind all veils so that you can gain the understanding that is your right and destiny.

Whatever tradition you hold in your mind, let it guide you to discover the truth. I wish you all freedom from deception and the ability to develop discerning knowledge amidst confusion. This is a time to discover your path to freedom. Let go of conceptions and move into the light of awareness. Hold onto your faith. This is a time of miraculous transcendence. With love and compassion for all beings we can find the truth, even in this material world. Watch the world unfold. Observe your mind. Find the stillness of revelation.  Meditate in your hearts and minds and the peace that surpasses all understanding will arise and guard you.

Have a wonderful festival of light wherever you are. May you be guarded. May you be safe. May you be happy. May you be joyful at this Christmas season.


  • Venice Longinetti-Scherer

    Thank you! Happy New Year Dr. Randy!