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Allergy Season

by Dr. Randy


In warmer climates, like California, allergy season has begun with the beautiful flowering of spring trees. Unfortunately, some of us have allergic reactions to various pollens that fill the air. But fortunately there is effective natural treatment for allergy symptoms. I recommend that susceptible people begin with a preventive program before the season starts.

One important supplement to take is vitamin D3 with K. Adults usually need 10,000 IU per day of D to raise their blood levels of vitamin D to 50-100 (Metagenics D 10,000). Older children and teens need 5,000 IU (D Supreme by Designs for Health), and young children 1,000 IU per 10 lb of body weight (D + K drops by Ortho Molecular).

The second allergy specific supplement is Natural D-Hist  (by OrthoMolecular). Take 3 capsules per day as prevention or ,when symptoms are worse, you may need 3 twice a day. Children can take the chewable form – 2 tablets once or twice a day.

A homeopathic remedy to try is Allium cepa 30 for typical sneezing, itchy eyes, and watery nasal discharge once symptoms begin. Other symptoms may require different remedies.

There are also effective Chinese herbal formulas, depending on the symptoms. More serious allergic reactions such as asthma and cough will require a more developed program prescribed by a qualified practitioner.

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