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Alternatives to School

by Dr. Randy



Parents now have a tremendous summer opportunity for children. This is a chance to try out a guided homeschooling program yourself, with no commitment to leave school. Since everyone has already been working with their children this year to manage learning at home, you already have a taste of the drawbacks of online learning and children who are glued to computers. And you have a sense of how to guide your children through their assignments and classes.

Many parents have expressed their frustration to me about the difficulties their children have with online classes. And many parents are getting an eye opening view of what their children are actually studying in school now that they can observe them doing schoolwork at home. In many cases it is lots of busy work, inappropriate assignments, and studying through a screen. This may be the first time you have actually seen what is required of your children in school, how much time is wasted, and how much budding talent is stifled by mind numbing work. School is often a frustrating experience for children in many ways. The rigid schedule of classes often results in actual disruption of learning. As soon as a student gets absorbed in a science subject, the class period ends and the student must switch gears to an English text. A significant percentage of school time inevitably involves classroom housekeeping and discipline that has nothing to do with education. And children are often expected to engage in work that seems irrelevant and meaningless to them.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Homeschooling can be fun, enjoyable, relatively stress free compared to classroom learning. Homeschooling may not be appropriate for everyone, but given the limited options for kids this summer, this may be the perfect time to try out a guided learning program for yourself.

My colleague, educator Elizabeth Hanson, has designed a summer program for you to explore homeschooling.

Here is a description of the benefits of homeschooling.

Here’s a video of what she offers.

Meet Elizabeth

And here’s how to sign up for her summer program.