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Another Radiation Warning

by Dr. Randy


Radiation in Food Products

Researchers in Japan have found high radiation levels in rice harvested within 40 miles of the Fukushima nuclear reactor. The rice samples showed up to 500 becquerels of cesium per kilogram, an amount deemed safe by the Japanese government. Other Japanese food products have shown high levels  of radiation, including fish, seaweed, and green tea. Unfortunately, the nuclear reactors are still leaking radiation and the contamination continues. Cesium has a half life of 30 years, so this problem is not going away soon.

I would advise consumers to avoid all food products from Japan. Seaweed and green tea are excellent food sources with many healing properties, but make sure you know the source of these products before you buy them.

If you think you may have consumed any food products from Japan, I advise you begin a detoxification program. I have previously recommended supplement programs for children and adults exposed to radiation, which can be found on my website by searching for “Radiation.”¬† The problem is that radioactive particles consumed in foods are absorbed by the body and continue to emit radioactivity. They need to be removed from the body with chelating supplements (zeolite, citrus pectin, or chlorella), and the body’s own detoxifying mechanisms need to be supported with antioxidants to protect cells from damage.