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Anti-aging Supplements

by Dr. Randy

OK all you folks who want to stop the aging process, prevent cancer, and become immortal. What are the most important supplements to take? Here’s a short list:

Resveratrol 50-100 mg
Vitamin D3 5,000 IU
Fish oil with 1,500+ mg EPA or Krill oil is even better because of its protective astaxanthin antioxidant content and because krill is more potent than fish oil ( 2 softgels 500 mg). Note: refrigerate fish oil, but not krill oil.
Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) 400 IU, especially if you take fish oil
Vitamin K2 (MK7) 150 mcg
CoQ10 (the ubiquinol form is best) 50-100 mg
As you age your body’s own production of antioxidants decreases. Other antioxidants that you may want to take on a varying schedule include:
Selenium 150-300 mcg
N-acetyl cysteine 100-200 mg for glutathione support
Alpha lipoic acid (or preferably R- lipoic acid) 50-100 mg
You may also need bone support in the form of Calcium (either hydroxyapatite or citrate, malate, or chelate forms) with Magnesium  (1:1 or 2:1 ratio) 1,000 mg
Get as many antioxidants as you can from foods rich in red, green, and orange colors. Organic fruits and vegetables contain more antioxidants because plants use these chemicals to discourage pathogens. Pesticides reduce the need of plants to produce antioxidants.  Juicing fruits and vegetables is an excellent way to get these nutrients. And finally, avoid taking too many antioxidants because your body does need free radicals to convert food to energy and to fight pathogenic bacteria and cancer cells.
Note that this is a list of supplements for adults and some of these may not be appropriate for children.
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