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Cell Phones and Diabetes

2019.03.13 by


Cell towers

Alarming rates of diabetes

Why is the incidence of diabetes increasing at such a dramatic rate? During the decade of 2000-2009 the incidence of newly diagnosed cases of diabetes increased by 90 percent compared to the previous 10 years. Surely all of our knowledge about the effects of diet and exercise on lowering diabetes risk must be having some positive effect. Admittedly, the incidence of obesity is also increasing, and obesity is a major risk factor of diabetes. However, the rate of obesity in 2005 was 25 percent and in 1995, 15 percent, hardly close to the 90 percent increase in diabetes. What other factors could be responsible for this dramatic rise in new diabetes cases? What environmental exposure is increasing exponentially? Could our exposure to electromagnetic frequency radiation from cell phone use and WiFi be causing diabetes? We are being bombarded by EMF exposure from cell phone towers, household smart devices, and Bluetooth in cars and homes and on the go. There are some compelling links between this exposure and diabetes. In fact, several studies have investigated the possible association between cell phone radiation (Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Field Radiation, RF-EMFR) and diabetes risk, and discovered that the association is undeniable.

For example, following the discovery that EMF radiation can cause diabetes in laboratory animals, researchers commonly induce diabetes in rats by exposing them to RF-EMFR in order to study the beneficial treatment effects of various treatments. In one study, rats were exposed to a WiFi signal for 1 hour per day for 21 days to induce a diabetes-like state to study the effect of olive leaf extract on their blood sugar levels. The EMF exposure also significantly decreased the body’s natural antioxidant production (1).

Causing diabetes

In a study of adolescent school children, researchers evaluated the effect of cell phone RF exposure on blood sugar. One school was exposed to high levels of RF-EMFR from a cell phone tower and students there were compared to students at another school exposed to much lower levels of RF-EMFR. The students exposed to the higher levels had increased levels of Hemoglobin A1C, a marker of diabetes risk, and a higher incidence of diabetes compared to students at the school with lower levels of exposure (2).

Other studies have also shown a similar association. One study revealed a higher incidence of diabetes in people living within close proximity of a RF shortwave transmitter in Switzerland compared to residents who lived further away (3). Another study discovered that exposure to electromagnetic pollution raised glucose levels. These researchers concluded that electromagnetic fields may decrease insulin secretion and reduce the binding capacity of insulin to its receptors (4).

What to do

Regardless of the mechanisms involved, it is clear that EMF radiation of the type emitted by cell phones and WiFi has a harmful effect on the body. Many studies have shown a damaging effect on the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and male reproductive system, as well as a clear association with brain tumors (5). Reduction of exposure to these forms of radiation seems prudent and there are many measures that individuals can take to limit exposure. See my previous article on practical ways to reduce exposure here:

Here is an excellent website that describes many ways to reduce EMF dangers:

Cell Phone Radiation and EMFs – Be prepared to be surprised



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Avoid the dangers of EMF radiation

2019.01.05 by


Cell phone dangers


Reduce the health risks of your electromagnetic exposure with some simple precautionary measures.

An enormous amount of research has determined that electromagnetic fields (EMF) and microwave frequencies emitted by cell phones, Bluetooth devices, WiFi routers, baby monitors, and cordless phones are detrimental to health. These frequencies increase calcium levels inside living cells and build up a harmful form of nitrites that produce free radicals and damage cells. The result is breaks in DNA and aging effects that promote chronic disease. At this point everyone (including cell phone companies) acknowledge the association between EMF from cell phones and an increased risk of brain tumors. The risk increases with duration of exposure. Neurosurgeons are especially concerned about the dramatic increase in brain tumors in children. In fact, children’s skulls are much more permeable to the radiation emitted from cell phones than the skulls of adults.

Cell phones

Don’t put the cell phone next to your head.

Use the speaker at a distnace of three feet when you can to keep the phone away from your body. Carry your phone in a bag or backpack, not in your pocket.

If you carry your phone in a pocket use a shielded phone holder or pouch. These are inexpensive and readily available online.

Use an air tube headset that transmits the sound through hollow plastic tubes and not through wires. Avoid using a wired headset or Bluetooth device. Those transmit the electrical signal directly to your head.

Put your phone on airplane mode at night and when you can during the day. Sleep is a great time for you to recover from radiation exposure.


Turn your home WiFi off at night while you sleep.

Use your laptop tethered to an Ethernet connection rather than the WiFi signal, and put the laptop in airplane mode.

Whenever the Internet is not needed for your laptop, turn on airplane mode.


Here’s a tip for grounding electrical charge in your body. Stand barefoot on a piece of tinfoil. You can do this when you are brushing your teeth for example.


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Happy Holidays

2018.12.25 by


My very best to you at this special time of year.

Personally it has been quite a remarkable and inspiring week for me filled with many synchronous and miraculous events. It is truly a season of love and light. I hope that you too are experiencing the joys of the holiday season. I am intrigued by the idea of having gratitude for everything. Challenges can often provide the most beneficent inspirations.

Thinking of you all today with love.

Enjoy this wonderful sleigh


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Alert: The Winter Cough

2018.12.11 by


Indian Boy/Teenager coughing sneezing and down with Flu

This year another nasty cough season could disrupt winter plans. This viral illness can last for weeks, but there is a plan to cut it short. First of all prevention. Be sure to take a vitamin D supplement, preferably one that also contains vitamin K2. The dosage range is 2,000 IU for preschoolers, 5,000 for children, and 10,000 for adults. Try a medicinal mushroom formula with Astragalus to fortify the immune system. Take probiotics and eat fermented foods (pickles, sauerkraut, kombucha).

If the cough (or a cold) strikes, then begin a Yin Chiao Chinese herbal formula and elderberry extract. Wellness Formula by Source Naturals is an excellent antiviral formula with elderberry. A frequently indicated homeopathic remedy for the cough this year seems to be Rumex crispus. Take a few pellets of  a 6, 12, or 30 strength three times a day. There may be other homeopathic remedies necessary if the cough becomes loose and rumbly (particularly Ipecacuanha). A good cough syrup readily available at health food stores is one of the versions by Planetary Herbals.

I wish you the best of health getting through this season.

Dr. Randy


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2018.11.12 by



Are you doing everything you can to maintain your health? Your family depends on you staying healthy. They expect you to take care of them. So don’t get sick and don’t acquire any chronic illnesses. This requires two levels of prevention: immune support and long term care.

A healthy lifestyle will support both levels of prevention: avoiding viruses and infections, as well as maintaining health as you age. These lifestyle practices apply to anyone at any age. They fall into some broad general categories:  getting exercise, eating fruits and vegetables, avoiding starches, sleeping well, and enjoying nature. If you are remiss in any of these areas work on these fundamentals first. And all of us could use some improvement. Also avoid toxic exposure in household products and BPA plastics and sugar.

Supplements for immune support

Some supplements will assist both realms. The most important of these for immune function and many other cellular functions is vitamin D. Take vitamin D whenever you have a lack of sun exposure. For many people that means year-round. And be sure to take an adequate dose. For children – 1,000 IU per 10 pounds of body weight (up to 5,000 IU). And for adults 5,000 to 10,000 IU per day. It is best to take a vitamin D supplement that also contains vitamin K2.

Vitamin C and vitamin A provide powerful immune support. Of course, many brightly colored fruits and vegetables contain these vitamins, but you can also take them as supplements.

Probiotics and fermented foods help to maintain a balanced ecology in the digestive system, where most immune mechanisms are produced.

Finally, medicinal mushrooms have specific immune boosting effects. Formulas of supplements often include reishi and shiitake mushrooms along with the herbal immune booster astragalus.

Supplements for long term prevention

Here’s a short list

Omega 3 fats in the form of fish oil or flax seed oil.

B complex with quality forms of each (folate, methyl B12, and 50-100 mg of B1, B2 and B6 as P5P)

There are many other supplements to prevent aging and inflammation including antioxidant formulas and Curcumin preparations.

Blood tests

Here are some blood tests you may want to ask your doctor to order to assess your health status: vitamin D (should be 50-80), fasting leptin (should be < 10) glucose (<100) and insulin (< 5), homocysteine (< 9), CRP (< 1), TSH (< 2), Free T3 (> 3.2), Reverse T3 (<15), B12 (> 550).

These tests will evaluate your immune status, your metabolism, and whether you have signs of inflammation. If any of these are out of range you could be at risk of metabolic syndrome or low thyroid. If you are gaining belly fat, if your glucose level is creeping up, then a personally designed supplement  program can help to rebalance your system.

If you need suggestions about brands of supplements or help in designing a personal program, send me an email. I am happy to arrange a personal consultation.

And stay healthy.





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