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Avoid the dangers of EMF radiation

by Dr. Randy


Cell phone dangers


Reduce the health risks of your electromagnetic exposure with some simple precautionary measures.

An enormous amount of research has determined that electromagnetic fields (EMF) and microwave frequencies emitted by cell phones, Bluetooth devices, WiFi routers, baby monitors, and cordless phones are detrimental to health. These frequencies increase calcium levels inside living cells and build up a harmful form of nitrites that produce free radicals and damage cells. The result is breaks in DNA and aging effects that promote chronic disease. At this point everyone (including cell phone companies) acknowledge the association between EMF from cell phones and an increased risk of brain tumors. The risk increases with duration of exposure. Neurosurgeons are especially concerned about the dramatic increase in brain tumors in children. In fact, children’s skulls are much more permeable to the radiation emitted from cell phones than the skulls of adults.

Cell phones

Don’t put the cell phone next to your head.

Use the speaker at a distnace of three feet when you can to keep the phone away from your body. Carry your phone in a bag or backpack, not in your pocket.

If you carry your phone in a pocket use a shielded phone holder or pouch. These are inexpensive and readily available online.

Use an air tube headset that transmits the sound through hollow plastic tubes and not through wires. Avoid using a wired headset or Bluetooth device. Those transmit the electrical signal directly to your head.

Put your phone on airplane mode at night and when you can during the day. Sleep is a great time for you to recover from radiation exposure.


Turn your home WiFi off at night while you sleep.

Use your laptop tethered to an Ethernet connection rather than the WiFi signal, and put the laptop in airplane mode.

Whenever the Internet is not needed for your laptop, turn on airplane mode.


Here’s a tip for grounding electrical charge in your body. Stand barefoot on a piece of tinfoil. You can do this when you are brushing your teeth for example.