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The New Vaccine Requirements

by Dr. Randy


A new law in California requiring all recommended vaccines for children threatens the basic personal freedoms of families across the country. The law (SB 277) was introduced, passed and signed by Democrats in California government despite vociferous protests by thousands of parents and the promise of legal challenges by attorneys. When this law goes into effect, children in California who have not received all of the scheduled vaccines will not be able to attend school. The Catch 22? All children are required to attend school, and the California Constitution guarantees children a public education. The law exempts only children who are homeschooled and those who receive a medical exemption from a physician. But physicians are not willing or able to write medical exemptions and many parents cannot homeschool their children. So if a parent decides that a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease may not be necessary for their child, or if their child has previously had bad reactions to vaccines and they are not willing to take that risk again, then that parent will become a criminal in California. That child will be forbidden to attend school. And how will authorities enforce this law against citizens in areas where nearly 50 percent of children are not fully vaccinated? These include the city of Malibu and Marin County, some of the wealthiest areas of the country. Clearly something is wrong. The Democratic Party is attempting to undermine basic constitutional freedoms. And constitutional lawyers will not allow it.

This law will be challenged in court once the first child is refused admission to a school. That will occur when the law takes effect in July 2016. But this is not an isolated or aberrant occurrence. Already there are laws being proposed allowing employers and the state to require vaccines for adults. And federal laws are being proposed for enforced vaccinations.

The elected representatives who propose and vote for these laws have been paid by the pharmaceutical industry that produces vaccines. And these laws will result in a dramatic increase in profits for vaccine manufacturers. And all of this political chicanery is undermining personal freedoms and personal choice of medical care. Enforced medical care is medical tyranny. And it cannot stand.

The law will be challenged in court. Parents will refuse to have their children vaccinated against their will. And they will demand that their children be allowed to attend school. This crisis in California has just begun to make headlines. So far no one has suffered, but once this law takes effect the battle will begin. Police, Child Protective Services, the court system, and the schools will all become involved and have to contend with the chaos of enforcement.

Here are some details about the law in California.

  1. The law requiring vaccination for each of the specified and recommended diseases takes effect in July 2016.
  2. It applies to children entering Kindergarten and 7th grade only.
  3. Partially or unvaccinated children who already have a personal belief exemption can remain in school until they enter K or 7th grade. At that time they will no longer be able to attend school.

What can you do?

Donate to the legal defense that will challenge these laws. And stay informed about new proposed laws that will undermine your personal health choices and freedoms.

Donate to to support the legal challenge of these laws.

Join the National Vaccine Information Center’s Advocacy Portal to follow proposed laws

Carefully consider who you elect to office. Where do your representatives stand on the issue of personal health freedoms? The Democratic Party has betrayed us.



  • Deb Holter

    Well said. Both parties have betrayed the American people. All of our constitutional freedoms are under attack. Vote with your dollars.

  • Sonja Hardy

    Sadly we’re heading the same way in Australia – though they haven’t gone quite as far as in California YET. But from January 2016 the federal government, supported by the opposition, intends to withhold welfare and family benefit payments from parents whose children aren’t fully vaccinated – “No Jab, No Pay.” The vaccine schedule here is very similar the the one in the USA.

    Also in the state of Queensland, where I live, the government is bringing in a “No Jab, No Play” policy, which means child care centres and kindergartens can refuse entry to children who aren’t fully vaccinated.

    Also in the pipeline is an adult vaccination register – so that appears to be opening the door for withholding pensions from adults who aren’t fully vaccinated.

    Where in the world are we heading when government policy supports the profits of the corrupt pharmaceutical industry above the rights and health of the people? Tyranny is an understatement!