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The Vaccine Guide: Risks and Benefits for Children and Adults
The Vaccine Guide: Risks and Benefits for Children and Adults

The Vaccine Guide: Risks and Benefits for Children and Adults
Dr. Randy

The Vaccine Guide gives consumers the information they need about vaccination in an organized step-by-step format.

Part I takes readers through the background, the philosophy, the misconceptions, and the data they will need to form their own opinions about vaccines. Part II discusses each of the diseases and their vaccines, including difficult to obtain facts about vaccine reactions. For the first time, parents and adults who must decide about their own use of vaccines are presented with all the facts they need to make informed decisions.

A new version of The Vaccine Guide was released in November 2002. This revised edition now contains all the adult vaccines, including smallpox, anthrax, flu, and travel vaccinations. The children’s vaccine chapters have all been updated as well. The book can be ordered through any bookstore, Amazon, HES, or another online store, or through the publisher, North Atlantic Books at 800 337-2665.


The Vaccine Guide is a highly informative discussion of key issues necessary for making informed decisions about vaccination. Chapters address adverse reactions, chemical preservatives, and legal exemptions, as well as bioterrorism and adult vaccinations.
Mothering Magazine

The Vaccine Guide is surprisingly readable and despite the vastness of this field and the potentially turgid and macabre nature of this catalogue of woes, it is gripping.
Homeopathic Links

The Vaccine Guide is a thorough, well-researched introduction to a complicated, explosive subject. For any parent who believes in informed choice, this book makes all the sense in the world.
Natural Health Magazine

I have discussed [this] book virtually every day my practice. I couldn’t get away from it even if I wanted to – which I do not.
Jay Gordon MD, pediatrician

This well organized, user-friendly guide, … will prove an indispensable aid for those trying to make educated decisions about this controversial topic.
Janet Levatin MD, pediatrician

This book is an invaluable guide to help parents make an informed choice about this vital health issue.
Kenneth P. Stoller MD, pediatrician

The first edition of The Vaccine Guide was published in 1972 and the recently published revised edition specifically addresses the threat of bioterrorism.… With a vaccine reference guide and the CDC’s published information, you can start to connect the dots on your own. Dying for your country over a lousy shot is not something the government should recommend for millions of Americans.
Jennie Rose at

  • This guide offers:
  • Discussion of childhood and adult diseases, their incidence, and the likelihood of complications.
  • Evaluation of vaccine effectiveness and vaccine studies.
  • Toxicity of the vaccines, their adverse effects, dangers, and long-term negative consequences.
  • Legal requirements, including legal exemptions to vaccines.
  • Updated information on new vaccines and the threat of bioterrorism.
  • Critical evaluation of alternative vaccines.
  • Treatment of adverse vaccine reactions.