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Breast Milk Cures Warts

by Dr. Randy


A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that a topical preparation of breast milk relieved warts. The compound human alpha-lactalbumin derived from breast milk reduced the size of warts by 75 percent within three weeks in all test subjects. At a two-year follow-up all lesions had disappeared in 83 percent of patients. Researchers are now turning to other lesions caused by the class of viruses that causes warts, such as cervical cancer and skin cancer. The same research team discovered that alpha-lactalbumin derived from breast milk also killed lung cancer cells.

While we are awaiting a cure for cancer, putting breast milk or a cream derived from breast milk or bovine colostrum on warts is a simple method of relieving this common and annoying condition.

Gustaffson, L. et al. Treatment of Skin Papillomas with Topical -Lactalbumin–Oleic Acid. New England J Medicine, June 24, 2004, 350:2663-72.


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