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Dr. Neustaedter’s Presentations

by Randall Neustaedter OMD


These presentations were delivered by Dr. Neustaedter. The notes are available here as reference for attendees.

Cabo – Holistic Pediatrics for Parents (ppt)


  • Ines Juan

    Special thanks to Dr. Neustaedter for all the learnings from his Cabo seminars, my wife and I loved all the information and advices (tips) received to treat “simple” ear and respiratory infections with natural medicine to built a strong immune system in our little son (almost 2 y/o), as we have followed his techniques and read all his books regarding his medicine. Since then, our son has not gotten any flu or respiratory infections, and he is a very happy baby…playing with other kids whom ofter get sick, and used to get our son sick also, but not any more!!  Thank you Dr. Neustaedter !!  Looking forward to attend to any of your future seminars in SFO or Cabo!! Ines & Alberto