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California Parents of Teenagers Beware

by Dr. Randy


Governor Jerry Brown has just signed an unprecedented bill into law that allows 12-year-old children in California to choose for themselves whether they want to get an HPV vaccine (Gardasil) without their parents’ consent.

This vaccine is intended to prevent human papilloma virus infection, a sexually transmitted disease associated with cervical cancer. Boys and girls are both being targeted to receive the vaccine without their parents’ knowledge. However, the vaccine is questionably effective and is also associated with some devastating adverse effects. More than 100 young girls have died suddenly from acute heart attacks and blood clots following the shot. Thousands of girls have suffered permanent disabilities, which also began soon after receiving the controversial shot.

The rationale for this new law is that teens are already empowered to seek treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and medical care for contraceptives, pregnancy, and abortion without parental consent.

Opponents of the bill have voiced concerns that children are not qualified to make the choice about receiving a vaccine that has the potential for very serious side effects. They may not receive full disclosure about the vaccine’s potential for harm, or adequate information about safer alternatives. Condoms will prevent infection with HPV and provide protection from the risk of cervical cancer from this virus without any adverse effects.

I urge parents to discuss this vaccine with their children. Share the stories about girls whose lives have been ended or ruined after receiving this shot. It may mean the difference between life and death for your child. This is an opportunity to discuss sexual activity and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Encourage your children to take responsibility for their decisions and beware of vaccines pushed on them by medical providers.

For more information about the Gardasil vaccine, see the National Vaccine Information Center website at or





  • Rowefamilyatlanta

    This is one of the most frightening things I’ve ever read.  I cannot imagine a 12 year old making these kinds of decisions for themselves – about whether or not to be scared into the HPV vaccine and/or being able to “seek treatment for STDs and medical care for contraceptives, pregancy and abortion without parental consent”.  Holy cow!  How does this kind of stuff get made into a law? And by whom?   ;-/