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Children and COVID-19 with Dr. Elisa Song, holistic pediatrician

by Dr. Randy


I urge all parents to attend a free master class being held by my friend and colleague Dr. Elisa Song, pediatrician, on protecting children from COVID-19. Both of her children did contract the virus and her son required hospitalization. Fortunately, they recovered very quickly as a result of their immune supporting treatment and the holistic treatment they received. Hear the first hand account from Dr. Song in her master class on Sunday April 26 at 1:00 PM PST. Even if you can’t attend at that time, register for the free class and you will receive a link to view the replay.

Here’s the link to register.

MASTERCLASS: a holistic pediatrician's guide to the pandemic

Join Dr. Elisa Song – holistic pediatrician and pediatric functional medicine expert – for an in-depth masterclass on how to support you and your children through the current pandemic.

Shelter-at-home orders will soon be lifted, and as society re-opens, we anticipate a resurgence in cases. We need to be prepared! Current estimates are that by the time the pandemic is over, up to 70% of us will contract COVID-19. The latest reports show that children are not immune, and are getting sick more than previously thought. However, the good news remains that the vast majority of children and adults – at least 80% – have mild to moderate symptoms and recover without complications, even if they require hospitalization

If most of us at some point will contract COVID-19, the most important question is not how to prevent ourselves from getting it, but instead:

What can we do to make our immune systems so resilient that we become the 80% or more of the population that gets COVID-19 and does well?

During this FREE information-packed masterclass, she will discuss:

  • The latest, up-to-date pandemic information for kids and adults
  • Commonsense measures to prevent infections
  • The top foods and supplements to support your immune system
  • When to call the doctor
  • What to do if you get sick
  • How to manage the most common symptoms (fever and cough) with supplements, herbs, homeopathy, essential oils and acupressure
  • Lessons learned and what I did to help my kids recover so amazingly when they had COVID-19

Register here.