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Children’s Diets: Dos and Don’ts

by Dr. Randy


The most important foods to avoid

Soy milk (depletes calcium and thyroid function)

Corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup (cannot be metabolized)

Partially hydrogenated fats in cookies, crackers, and chips (promotes allergies)

Fried foods, e.g. French fries and chips (promotes allergies, heart disease, and cancer)

Fish (mercury exposure)

The most important food issues

Eat fresh fruits (and vegetables if they are willing)

Use organic whole milk, yogurt, and butter when possible (non-organic animal products contain antibiotics, pesticides, and hormones)

Use organic chicken, turkey, and beef for the same reason

Whole grain products, e.g. breads, cookies (contains more fiber and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals than enriched wheat and bleached white flour)


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