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Nutritional Supplements

A whole foods diet will provide the best support for maintaining healthy cellular function, but there are times when nutritional supplements are also needed. Eating the perfect whole foods diet is challenging, especially for kids who tend to crave foods that are processed and sweetened. Adults and children need to take some supplements, including vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids that we do not get through foods. Other supplements may be useful too, including vitamin A and C, and a range of antioxidants.

Older adults need supplements to replace declining levels of enzymes and antioxidants and to prevent the effects of aging. Children benefit from supplements that support the immune system and prevent acute illnesses. Both children and adults often need to support digestive function.

Anyone with chronic illness will need support in the form of supplements to treat inflammation and oxidative tissue changes. Many other supplements will have specific curative functions for specific symptoms and disease states.