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Dr. Neustaedter has treated my children for many years. Where conventional medicine has been totally ineffective, Dr. Neustaedter's remedies have absolutely resolved my son's medical issues without any toxic side effects. He has improved the quality of their life, and has provided them the opportunity to have fun playing and attending preschool, instead of being home sick. I appreciate so much his availability through email and phone, as we live some distance, and especially when the children are not well, we can avoid a lengthy trip. I highly recommend him as a physician. I am so happy to have found him, which I did when I came across his books while researching vaccinations.

» Holly F.

Dr. Neustaedter has been an invaluable resource to my family for the past 29 years. He treated my twin sister and I from the time we were babies until now. When my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our first child in 2010 we were filled with excitement, but also concern for how to best raise a happy & healthy baby. Dr. Neustadter's books; Child Health Guide, The Vaccine Guide, and the Holistic Baby Guide proved invaluable resources to help us make educated decisions regarding our daughter's health. If you're searching for a factual, unbiased and simple approach to navigating the barrage of controversial opinions regarding child health you owe it to yourself to read his books.

We've always believed in a proactive and preventative approach to health and found that Western Medicine focused too much on treating symptoms rather than preventing/curing the underlying issue. It is comforting to have a doctor that not only has the ability to treat ailments, but also takes the time to educate you on how to establish a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent them. Although the fees are higher than if we saw a healthcare provider within our insurance network, the personal attention, peace of mind, and accessibility you receive with Dr. Neustadter is well worth it.

» Jennifer A.

I would highly recommend Dr. Neustaedter to anyone interested in a comprehensive, holistic approach to managing their health. Just as he calls himself, he is a guide in finding a cure to any health problem. Dr. Neustaedter's specialty focuses on bringing the patient back to homeostasis and helping them to take their health into their own hands. He looks for a real solution to the full picture of one's health or wholeness.

For many years, I had relied on Dr. Neustaedter's eminent wisdom regarding the controversial vaccination issue in "The Vaccine Guide". I also referred on multiple occasions to his pediatric advice in "Child Health Guide" to orient me when our kids had minor sicknesses such as fever or earaches. His literature served as a grounding and very sensible method for managing our kids' health. I also consulted him many times with questions about their growth over the years, such as bottle feeding's affect on dentition, and he always answered my questions immediately, by e-mail, at no charge.

Our family had the opportunity to enlist his services for the first time when one of our sons developed an acute condition. Dr. Neusteadter agreed to see us, upon very short notice. We felt completely at ease with him, as did our kids, in his relaxed office atmosphere. We felt totally comfortable entrusting him to help care for our child. He did an extremely thorough assessment of our child's condition, asking questions that no other pediatrician bothered to consider. He also performed tests that no other pediatrician thought to perform. It felt like he could read our minds or figure out exactly what was happening with our son. Finally, he developed a short term and long term treatment plan, including homeopathic remedies and vitamin supplementation, for stabilizing our son's condition. He has incredible expertise in healing the body's systems and is able to fine tailor his knowledge per patient same as a tailor would fine sew a garment.

Our son has improved dramatically under his treatment. Dr. Neustaedter's practice or approach to health care is so unique or individualized that it produces amazing results. We feel like his care for our son has complemented the traditional, mainstream care that we have received. It has also given us the interpersonal satisfaction of having a helpful ally dedicated to improving our son's well-being.

The cost of Dr. Neusteadter's services is worth the knowledgeable, efficient, and personable type of health-care that he provides. He is a professional in all respects and can synthesize an individual's health problems, arrive at a diagnosis, and explain any health matter with incredible clarity. We are very pleased with Dr. Neustaedter's care for our son.

» Sage O.

Our family has been using Dr. Neustaedter for approximately 16 years now. Our son (now 18 years old) had had a severe reaction to his whole cell DPT vaccine at the age of four months and almost died. His reaction was noted in his medical files and he was given a medical exemption to any further vaccine containing the pertussis component. However, at the age of six months, when we allowed a DT ONLY vaccine to be given to him, he still reacted. We moved from Denver, where we were living, to Foster City, CA. We were using the Palo Alto Medical Foundation pediatric group for our son's healthcare, but when our pediatrician found out about our son's prior vaccine reactions, thank goodness he was wise enough to counsel us and referred us to Dr. Randall Neustaedter. We brought our son in to see Randy just before he turned 2 years old. We've never, ever, regretted it. We eventually had Ryan assessed through Dr. Carina Grandison at Children's Oakland Hospital and found that he had severe dysgraphia, higher order speech/language issues and a true inability to understand concepts behind math principles. So - combined with Randy's treatments and a good solid academic program for our son, Ryan, today, is doing wonderfully. He has had NO further vaccines and as of two years ago, he has been exited out of special education and is doing remarkably well, academically.

Our son, Ryan, would never have come this far, without Dr. Neustaedter's knowledge and expertise. His ability to zero in on Ryan's vaccine injuries were nothing short of amazing. Quite literally, he helped give our son his life back. I shudder to think what would have happened had we continued to blindly vaccinate our son, who was literally falling apart healthwise, after every round of vaccinations were given to him.

I just cannot recommend Dr. Neustaedter's services enough!

» Kim K.

I've been a patient of Dr. Neustaedter for about 2 years.

He's been able to fix every single problem I've brought to him - from thyroid issues to lingering colds. His explanations make sense, and he's very willing to share his opinion and reasoning. His newsletters, website, articles and books are invaluable.

We are lucky to have Dr. Neustaedter in the Bay Area!

» Susan L.

We have been very happy patients of Dr. Neustaedter for four years. We particularly appreciate his calm approach to health issues and his respectful manner with young children. He talks directly to the patient, even babies, and explains (to parents also) exactly what he's doing/testing and why. Parents leave his office with more than a simple stamp of approval of their children's health.

» Katie A.

Dr. Neustaedter has aided myself, my 5 year old, and my newborn many times over the last six years. He always presents a calm and grounded demeanor, and a sensible diagnosis and treatment that works. We use him to complement our conventional medical service from Kaiser, but lately we more often just use him, as I find him to be of greater value for run-of-the mill children's health issues. He is a great local health care provider and resource for any who seek out advice and treatments to complement, or replace, our conventional Western medicine.

» Adrienne V.

This is the only doctor that I trust 100% to treat my son. My son has been seeing Dr. Neustaedter since birth. More Importantly no vaccinations and no pharmacy drugs that harm his body. All natural and safe ingredients just like mother nature intended. If your looking for a doctor to stab your kids with needles and make them sick with prescription drugs, you are at the wrong place. Dr. Neustaedter works with each persons immune system and has a holisitic approach to the body and mind.

Happy Father.

» Steve P.

Dr Randy has treated me and several members of my family for the past 16 years. I first went to him in 1995 with my two year-old son who had ear infections and was not responding to antibiotics. Randy explained to me that most kids can fight off ear infections if their immune systems are strong enough. He treated my son with a constitutional homeopathic remedy to strengthen his immune system and from that day on my son never had another ear infection.
Randy has treated me for depression. He has done acupuncture on me for several ailments. He has treated both my son and daughter for an array of things ranging from skin problems to allergies to academic focus to public speaking anxiety. He has helped me deal with strep throat, flu, bad colds and other illnesses without resorting to drugs or antibiotics. Last year I had a series of health problems that led Randy to refer me to another doctor, which confirmed for me that Randy is not afraid to admit when something is outside his capabilities.
My 90-year-old mother-in-law has gone to Randy for the past 10 years. She credits him keeping her from needing to take several prescription drugs as most of her friends do.
One of Randy's special skills is to strengthen the immune system, which traditional Western medicine doctors simply cannot do. He is a wonderful practitioner and I know I and my family would not be as healthy without him.

» Val K.

Randall has been our doctor for 9 years now. ( It's time I wrote a review )!! I found Randall because I went to Barnes N Nobles when I was pregnant and bought a book of his. After I finished reading it I was pleasantly surprised to find he was located in the bay area. After my baby was born we made our appointment to see him. I was impressed by how much time he took to get to know my son and ask my concerns. Time went by and we continued to see him when my son was ill. One day when my son was about 2 he began getting regularly very ill. Randall said that we needed to start building up his immune system, so we started giving him different herbs. We continued for maybe a year then one day my son became super ill. Randall said to bring him in right away. After seeing him for only a few minutes he told me to drive straight to another doctor at a hospital that he knew of. Long story short my son had Leukemia. I think Randall saved his life. We were treated at Sanford for 2.5 years AND continued to give him the chinese herbs throughout! It was ironic that our doctor there was chinese and didn't really approve of the herbs ( but he said that his mother would approve, and he agreed that we could do both ). So we did. Randall worked very closely with our doctor, I felt like he held my hand through the process. He was a great support. It was the scariest time of my life, and he was really there for us. 24 hrs 7 days a week. I think the combination of starting the herbs at birth and continuing them through the chemo treatment saved his life. My son has been in remission now for 5 years. He is very healthy. We recently had the pleasure of seeing Randall for a cough my son had. It was a very bad cough, non-stop through the night. The second I gave him the herbs the cough was better. That night the cough stopped. I believe these herbs to be life saving. I have recommended many of my friends to Randall and would HIGHLY recommend you to give Eastern medicine a shot. I also recommend you give your child herbs early on. Honestly they taste a bit strong, but because my son has been taking them his whole life, he thinks the taste is normal and doesn't mind them at all. **Thank you Randall for helping save my sons life.

» Gayla B.