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What can you expect at your visit with Dr. Randy?


Well baby and child visits include a discussion of nutrition, development, learning, a physical exam and discussion of any concerns or questions.

If children are having chronic problems such as allergies, asthma, headaches, behavior problems, or recurrent infections then an initial visit will involve 45 minutes to an hour of interview time with the parents and child. Many areas will be covered during this time, including diet, a review of the medical history and symptoms, emotional health and development, and a focused physical exam if needed. At the first visit we will develop a treatment plan that may include diet changes, nutritional supplements, Chinese herbs, and a homeopathic prescription. Most of these prescribed substances are available in the office. This initial visit usually costs $210-420 depending on the time spent. At subsequent visits we will assess progress and adjust the treatment plan as needed. Follow-up visits cost $160-210.

Video or phone consultations can be arranged if traveling to the office is too difficult.


The content of initial visits for adults will depend on the problem being addressed. Chronic problems such as allergies, migraines, menstrual or hormonal problems, digestive symptoms, or chronic fatigue may require an hour interview. The treatment plan may include a homeopathic medicine, nutritional supplements, diet changes, and Chinese herbs.

The initial comprehensive visit or complete evaluation is usually $320-420. Follow-up office visits are usually $160-210 depending on the time spent.

Arrange a Consultation

Video or phone consultations are available at the same rate as office visits for those who live at a significant distance from the office.

For further information about visiting the clinic or direct online consultations, contact Dr. Randy directly at