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Colon cancer and wheat

by Dr. Randy


Another day, another study showing some of the devastation caused by wheat flour products. Researchers at Harvard and UCLA found a nearly three times higher risk of colorectal cancer in women who ate high glycemic-load carbohydrates compared to women who ate less of these foods. The problem foods included bread, pasta, pancakes, cakes, and cookies. The study was published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute on Feb. 4. It is the fourth study to show this association. Other studies have found an association between these carbohydrates and breast cancer as well as pancreatic cancer.

The author of the study, Simin Liu, MD, told WebMD, “We find a very straightforward and clear association between high-glycemic foods and the risk of colorectal cancers.”

My advice is to avoid starches that have a high glycemic index, including wheat, potatoes, and corn. Eat eggs, nuts, beans, whole fat dairy products including butter, organic meat, and lots of fruits and vegetables. Use olive oil for salads and coconut oil or butter for cooking.


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