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Dangerous Eczema Drugs in Children and the Alternative

by Dr. Randy


The FDA is demanding that more and more drugs used in children contain a black box warning of their dangers. A black box warning means that medical studies indicate that the drug carries a significant risk of serious or even life-threatening adverse effects. It is the strongest warning that the FDA requires.

First it was antidepressant medications used for children that were associated with an increased suicide risk that prompted a black box warning in 2004. Then the FDA instructed Eli Lilly to place a similar warning on the ADHD drug Strattera because of its association with suicide risk. Stimulant medications used to treat attention problems also ran into trouble when a report was released in February 2006 citing 25 deaths and 54 serious unexplained heart problems that occurred while patients were taking drugs like Ritalin and Adderall. A report of 20 sudden deaths (including 12 children) led Canadian health officials to suspend sales of Adderall in February 2005, only to allow it back on the market in August.

Now a report from the FDA has linked the popular topical eczema drugs Protopic Ointment and Eledel Cream to a possible increased risk of skin cancer and lymphoma. The FDA received reports of 76 cases of cancer among patients using the drugs. This prompted a January 2006 order to place a black box warning on the drugs stating that the long-term safety of the two drugs has not been established.

Homeopathic practitioners long ago identified the syndrome of suppression of skin conditions leading to more serious health problems. The progression from eczema to asthma in children is well documented, and even expected in conventional medical practice with the use of steroids and other suppressive drugs in the treatment of eczema symptoms.

Fortunately, holistic pediatric practice has effective treatment for eczema and many other common problems attention problems, depression, and so that parents can rely on nontoxic, healing therapies rather than potentially dangerous drugs.

Eczema in children can be managed with holistic treatment, an integrated approach including a healthy diet free of trans fats and other toxic chemicals (corn syrup, additives), nutritional supplements (especially omega-3 fats), homeopathy, Chinese herbal formulas, and proper skin care.


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    Eczema which are mainly include contact eczema and seborrhea eczema. The former skin disorder refers to some allergic condition of the skin.

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