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Distance visits through Skype

by Dr. Randy


I am now able to see patients who live at a distance from the San Francisco Bay Area by conducting interviews via Skype or Google Video. Anyone can set up these accounts for free and connect with me through a webcam wherever you live.

I conduct interviews with parents about babies and children, and with adults about complicated health problems. I can coordinate with your local medical practitioners to offer complementary care for health problems that might also need physical exams or lab tests.

I will advise you about appropriate nutritional supplements, herbal formulas, and homeopathic medicines to treat your health problems, and I will arrange for you to receive all the products you need to maintain an optimum level of health. This may include immediate treatment for current problems and a long-term plan for prevention and

Follow-up visits are also important for ensuring maximum progress and a high level of future health.

To schedule an appointment, send me an email at

Dr. Neustaedter