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Effective Tips and Supplements To Help Babies and Children Sleep

by Dr. Randy


A great deal of attention has been garnered in the media this week by a study published in the journal Pediatrics showing that sleep training methods used with babies have no negative effects on their later emotional lives. What these articles fail to mention is the large number of studies that show the benefits of parents cosleeping with their baby.

For a different perspective on solving sleep problems see my article published this week on the SAFBaby website.

Effective Tips and Supplements to Help Babies and Children Sleep

Of all the problems babies and children can have, sleep is one that tends to disturb parents the most. When parents lose sleep they can be grouchy, exhausted, and overly emotional. Kids too. But a lot of children resist sleeping. Why shouldn’t they? Playing is more fun. Babies and older children may just have different ideas about the appropriate nighttime schedule than their parents. What is a parent to do?

Let’s start with babies.

How do babies learn to sleep? From their parents’ bodies and their parents’ biorhythms. Sleeping with your baby is the first and best gift you can give your baby to establish healthy sleep patterns. This will also help mothers get a good night sleep. It only makes sense. If your baby is sleeping next to you, then you don’t need to get up and go anywhere. Mothers and babies nurse, maybe change a diaper, and go back to sleep. Parents may be concerned that this easy access for nursing may encourage babies to wake up more often in the night. But getting up and going into another room to nurse is a lot more disturbing for moms…. (Read more)


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