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Extended Office Hours

by Dr. Randy


Late Hours

The office will be open for visits until 7:00 PM during the school year on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week to accommodate your work and school schedules. I hope that this will allow everyone to get on top of treating acute illnesses early on to prevent them from worsening. My goal is to keep all of you as healthy as possible, working on prevention through supplements and herbs, and treating any outbreaks of colds or flus aggressively. Let’s all stay healthy this winter.

Yelp Reviews

Please write a Yelp review of my practice and other holistic practitioners that you see. This will help other patients feel confident about choosing a doctor. It is always helpful and reassuring to read people’s positive experiences, especially in a non-conventional realm where patients may need encouragement to seek out the unfamiliar.

Here’s the Yelp link.