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Facing Challenges

by Dr. Randy


Daily stress

All of us balance very busy lives. Children and adults have home lives, work or school, hobbies, sports and activities, as well as relationships to nurture. Children have homework and chores; adults pay bills, shop, do housework, and chauffeur kids. Everyone has unending to-do-lists and schedules.

Many of us function in cities that surround us with even more sources of stress including noise, pollution, and traffic. Those of us who live on farms have our own struggles with weather and chores and hard physical labor.

Our normal daily lives are filled with stress that takes a toll. Added stressors can trigger the onset of emotional or physical symptoms.


Despite all of these challenges we also manage to enjoy ourselves with entertainment, fulfilling relationships, spiritual practices, and moments of peace. We experience success and rewards in many forms. Our families, our children, and our friends provide endless sources of sustenance. And all those hours of sports and hobbies provide kids with skills and self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.


We all need support in the form of nourishment and encouragement.

Nourishment can come from many sources. Food provides basic nutrition. Whole foods and natural sources of fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and grains are the only nutritious foods. Relying on processed foods in packages that contain added chemicals and corn syrup will cause imbalances and disease.

Nutritional supplements can compensate for compromised health.

Being outdoors is nourishment that all humans require and the healing properties of being in nature are well-documented.

Exercise and adequate sleep need to be a part of everyone’s health plan.

Finally, we all need emotional support and reassurance. Children as well as adults lead stressful lives that need to be defused with touching, personal interest, love, and compassion.

Overcome health problems

Stress can cause many types of health problems. Low immune function, allergies and food sensitivities, tiredness, hormone imbalances, chronic headaches and digestive problems are just a few of the health concerns caused by stress.