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Fear of germs

by Dr. Randy


Ask yourself, “Am I afraid of germs?” Then let’s analyze why that may be true. Conventional medicine for the past 150 years has been dedicated to the germ theory and the death of germs. It is only relatively recently that proponents of the hygiene hypothesis and the microbiome have questioned these assumptions of conventional medicine. For thousands of years traditional forms of medicine have understood that the terrain of the body and its underlying strength are the primary determinants of health and resistance to disease. They have seen germs as the result of disease, not the cause. A healthy immune system is able to overcome disease and pathogenic factors. Eat a healthy diet and avoid toxic exposure and the body tends to remain healthy. Expose children to dirt, animals, and other humans and they build immunity. Lots of exposure to so-called pathogens builds a resistant immune system.

Then enter a virulent virus and the world goes crazy. Instead of allowing exposure as we have always done, and protecting the frail, the world’s populations mask up, put on gloves, shun contact with friends and neighbors, and start disinfecting themselves. This is a recipe for disaster, and it did not work. We need exposure to germs. Our bodies have ten times as many microorganisms as human cells. We have a hundred trillion germs in our body. We thrive on their abundance. Killing germs (except to treat severe infections and save lives) wreaks havoc. In a culture where toxic chemicals, frequent antibiotics, and dangerous medications and vaccines are the norm, we have suffered the consequences. This pandemic should be a wake-up call to live a healthy lifestyle. Instead we have isolated ourselves, living in fear. And we have witnessed the effect of this pandemic of fear, the bankruptcies and business closures, the disruption and mechanized schooling of children, the devastating poverty and mental anguish. And there is no end in sight after a year of forced lockdowns, economic disaster, and harsh edicts.

Second question: What will you do when another variant or another virus is announced? Will you continue to submit to unending restrictive regulations and enforced treatment with experimental drugs like this MRNA gene therapy?  Rest assured that traditional medicine has been successfully preventing and treating these epidemics for hundreds if not thousands of years in those who choose a holistic route. Consider the dismal track record of modern epidemiology and drugs in the treatment of our modern plagues of cancer and autoimmune disease. It is time to end the pandemic of fear.