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Flu Article at Random House

by Dr. Randy


Here is another flu article with advice about natural forms of treatment that was just published on the Random House Books for Better Living website. Pass it along to anyone you think will be interested in managing this flu epidemic.

Contrary to what you have been told about the flu, there are effective treatments for the symptoms. Emergency rooms are flooded with patients, and their doctors remain helpless in the face of viral illnesses like the flu. They suggest prevention in the form of a flu vaccine that is ineffective and accompanied by dangerous side effects.

Holistic medicine, by contrast, provides effective treatment that can alleviate the symptoms, shorten the course of the illness and prevent complications. And holistic treatments are safe without any side effects.

Not only are there effective treatments, but you can develop a plan to treat the flu yourself. Stock your natural medicine kit with a few important supplements and you will be prepared for the flu if it strikes your family. Here’s the plan. Read more…



  • Jessie Harper

    After attending a seminar about holistic treatments for cancer, I immediately became a fan of Holistic medicine. It’s based on building your immune system and putting your body in the best position to heal itself. It all makes sense. Thank you for sharing a holistic cure for flu!