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Getting Healthy in 2013

by Dr. Randy


If you have made a New Year’s resolution to get healthy or if you have decided it’s time to reevaluate your health plan this year, then I can help you. My goal is to help you stay healthy and improve your health and fitness this year. If you have a child who is not in optimum health, then maybe it is time to get them on a better health plan too.

How can I help?

Whether you live in the SF Bay Area or at any distance I can assist you in developing a new health plan for the year. That may include examining the nutritional supplements you take and revising them, or getting you on a supplement program that fits your individual needs for your age and health status. If you are struggling with symptoms or health issues then we can certainly work on those through natural methods as well.

We can develop a holistic health plan tailored to your individual needs with the goal of improving your health this year.

To get started we can set up a consultation in person at my office or online through a video call. At that time we can evaluate your current health status and your goals. Then we can work on establishing an individualized program for you to achieve those goals, whether they include improved health and freedom from symptoms, weight loss, or increased fitness.

Here is what we can accomplish.

  • Decide the best preventive nutritional supplement program for you or your child
  • Review your diet and exercise program
  • Develop a holistic health plan to reduce symptoms and improve chronic health conditions.
  • This may include the prescription of Chinese herbal formulas, homeopathic medicines, or targeted nutritional supplements

How to begin

Send me an email at requesting my help to develop a health plan.

We can set up a health plan consultation to review your (or your child’s) medical history, current symptoms, and supplements and medications you are now taking. We will talk about diet and exercise, and we will get you on a plan of supplements to feel better and achieve your goals of optimum health.

Whether you have recurrent headaches, digestive problems, allergies, or frequent illnesses, we can get you feeling better and on the road to good health.