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Fish from Japan Radioactive

Fish caught dozens of miles offshore from Japan have registered very high levels of radiation, showing that the water being dumped into the ocean from the Fukushima nuclear reactor has contaminated wildlife there. The US government is assuring us that the food supply in the US is safe and the ocean is dispersing radiation in Japan. But seafood from Japan is clearly a risk. Japan is issuing certificates from fisheries with exports that test below accepted limits for radiation. Nonetheless, India has suspended all imports of foods from Japan for at least a period of three months.

Unfortunately, the embargo on fish and other foods is hurting the Japanese at a time when they have suffered tremendous financial losses already. Japan produced 565,295 metric tons of marine products worth $2.3 billion last year.

Detection equipment in Canada has found traces of radiation from the nuclear disaster in rainwater and seaweed there. Seaweed tends to concentrate radiation contained in water.

I advise you stop eating ocean fish, seafood (shrimp), and seaweed unless you know that it was produced prior to the March 11 tsunami. And soon the farm raised fish will be fed fish meal that could be contaminated with radiation as well. Farm raised fish is already fed fish meal that contains mercury and grains treated with pesticides. My advice is to stop eating fish now until we can be assured that it is safe.