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Viral Supplements

by Dr. Randy

As the weather gets colder viral illnesses tend to proliferate. Especially at this time of concern about viruses I suggest you be prepared by maintaining a strong and resistant immune system. This is important even if you are wearing a mask, which provides inadequate protection from viruses. Here’s how to do it. All supplements can be ordered through this link or call 1-855-935-5382.

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The Supplements

There are two types of immune protective supplements, immune system activators and antiviral formulas.

Immune system activators              

These include supplements that strengthen immune function. The most important is Vitamin D with vitamin K (10,000 IU for adults, 5,000 IU for children, and 1,000 IU per 10 lbs of body weight for infants and toddlers). During the winter especially, everyone should be taking vitamin D at these doses.

The second supplement is a mushroom and astragalus formula. I suggest Immunitone Plus for adults and Immunoberry for children (by Designs for Health) on a daily basis.

Antiviral formulas

The most specific formula is Immune Active (by Metagenics). This formula contains ingredients designed to fortify the system against coronaviruses.  These ingredients including zinc, quercetin, green tea extract, and N acetyl cysteine provide potent protection (and treatment) for these viruses. This supplement can be taken every day all winter.

Other formulas that treat viral infections include Wellness Formula (by Source Naturals), Viracid (by Orthobiotic), and Cold Away (by Health Concerns). Wellness Formula and Viracid are very similar and either is appropriate to take at the onset of any viral infection. Cold Away (by Health Concerns) is a Chinese herbal formula that combines the ingredients of the classic viral treatment formulas Yin Chiao and Gan Mao Ling.

For children who can only take liquids, I would recommend Windbreaker (by KanHerb) and Wellness Herbal Resistance Liquid (by Source Naturals, available at health food stores).

Here’s the list:


Vitamin D and K 10,000 (Metagenics)

D Supreme (5,000 IU) (Designs for Health)

Immunitone Plus (Designs for Health)

Wellness Formula (Source Naturals)

Viracid (Orthobiotic)

Cold Away (Health Concerns)


Vitamin D3 with K2 Liquid (1,000 IU per drop) (Orthomolecular)

Immunoberry liquid (Designs for Health)

Windbreaker (KanHerb)

Wellness Herbal Resistance Liquid (by Source Naturals, available at health food stores)

You can order through the following link. I do not recommend getting these supplements through Amazon that does not verify the quality of suppliers. Some companies have been found to provide counterfeit products. or call 1-855-935-5382.

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Health Freedom

by Dr. Randy

Two announcements today.

Protecting Health and Autonomy in the 21st Century

The National Vaccine Information Center Conference begins today. If you have an interest in personal and health freedoms you may want to attend this historic conference that promises to be tremendously impressive and empowering with world renowned speakers and two films.

Here’s the link with description and registration.

Second. Check out and consider signing this declaration that was forged by three doctors from Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford Universities and signed by more than 35,000 medical doctors and health scientists from around the world advocating an end to the COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns that are causing “irreparable damage.”

Here’s the link to the declaration.

Nutrition Talks for Children and Teens (with Passcodes)

by Dr. Randy

whole foods

Here you will find recordings with links and access codes of two lectures on nutrition  presented to kids as narrated PowerPoints. One is for teens and the other is for 7-12 year old children.

It is helpful if children themselves take control of their own health and well-being with the understanding of a healthy lifestyle. In these talks I present the importance of the digestive tract for overall immune system health and how to maintain health through a nutritious whole foods diet. We also talk about the foods and non-foods to avoid in their diets and the red-light/green-light approach to choosing what to eat.

Here are the links. Encourage your kids to watch them.

7-12 year old children Passcode: iD5S%xK3

13-18 year old teens Passcode: Rt6E$EPE

Meditation group time change

by Dr. Randy

The meditation group has been so successful that we are expanding and refining the group process and changing the format for the children and teens meditation.

Teens 13-18 MWF 4:00 PST

Kids 7-12 TTH 4:00 PST

We are separating the teens sessions and the younger children. Teens will meet on MWF at 4:00 PST and include 13-18 year olds. Younger meditators from 7-12 years old will meet TTh at 4:00 PST. If 11 or 12 year olds are ready they can come to the older group after talking to me.

So now we have the opportunity for older teens to join the group. Please encourage your teens to join with their friends.

I am so impressed with their dedication and motivation, and I’m looking forward to giving them the individual attention that this new format will provide.

Shamatha Meditation for Children and Teens

by Dr. Randy

Meditation kids

We are moving our meditation meetings next week to Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 4:00 PT, beginning on August 17. Several of our members are going back to school, either in person or virtually, but everyone seems to be available by 4:00. If anyone needs to miss specific days or has a conflict on some days, that is perfectly fine. They will not miss anything. Hopefully, this time change will also allow new members to join us. So tell your friends.

Our meditation group has been a tremendous success. This is a dedicated and wonderful group of kids, very sincere, and sensitive. My feeling has always been that these children are very special indigo beings who are here to save our world. My goal is to give them the mind training tools to accomplish that by raising themselves and the world around them to a higher frequency. Shamatha meditation is “calm abiding,” and we are already integrating that with Vipasyana, “insight” into the nature of reality. There are no philosophical principles or doctrines included in these meditations, just the experience of the space of the mind and the clear light of the universe. These skills should enhance focus, attention, and acquisition of knowledge.

I invite anyone aged 8-15 years old to join us and try these meditations. There is no sequence. Anyone can join at any time.

Here is the Zoom link for those who need it.