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Home Remedy Kit

by Dr. Randy


During the Winter season it’s a good idea to be prepared for colds, flus, sore throats, and coughs. Having a home kit of remedies for these acute illnesses can help to stop these symptoms quickly.

For Children

Elderberry extract is a great antiviral that has been shown in studies to reduce the duration of colds and flus.

A Chinese herbal formula: Children’s Clear and Release (Golden Flower) or Windbreaker (KanHerb) to relieve the attack of wind/cold on the body (1/2 tsp twice/day)

Homeopathics (Here are a few remedies that are commonly indicated for winter illnesses. Take 2 pills three times/day.)

Belladonna for fevers

Pulsatilla for colds

Arsenicum for GI viruses with vomiting or diarrhea

Bryonia for coughs

Gelsemium for flu symptoms with lethargy

For Adults

Wellness Formula (Source Naturals) or Viracid (Orthomolecular) at the onset of viruses

A Chinese herbal formula: Yin Chiao pills


I am always available by email and phone to consult about illnesses and more complicated symptoms.

Blood Pressure and Heart Disease

by Dr. Randy


Like many other disease processes associated with inflammation, heart problems can be prevented. A simple plan that addresses inflammation is often the answer. Gradual increases in blood pressure readings may be the first warning signs that inflammation is occurring.

The most common cause of high blood pressure is damage to artery walls and repair with plaque buildup. The damage is caused by free radicals and an inflammatory reaction. Free radicals are generated by toxic products in the environment (like pollutants) or in foods (like pesticides). Free radicals strip electrons from cells in the body in a process called oxidation. The cells are then damaged and become nonfunctional. In the artery wall, this damage is like a burn that the body repairs with plaque. This repair process narrows the artery, blood pressure rises, and the artery is in danger of not delivering blood supply to sensitive organs like the heart muscle or the brain. The result can be heart attacks or strokes.

Although cholesterol is the main component of plaque in the artery, an elevated cholesterol level in the blood is not the cause of the plaques. “High” cholesterol is not the cause of heart attacks, and lowering cholesterol levels does not prevent heart attacks. In fact eating the right saturated fats is important in maintaining health. This may involve including eggs, butter, and coconut oil in the diet along with meats free of hormones and pesticides.


Avoid chemicals that cause free radical formation. Use natural cleaning products in your home that are free of petrochemicals. Avoid pesticides in foods as much as possible. Unfortunately, everyone is exposed to petrochemicals in the form of gasoline and oil products and pesticides used outdoors.

Exercise regularly, get adequate sleep, and get out into nature.  All of these prevent inflammation.

A prevention program will also include antioxidant supplements that scavenge free radicals. Glutathione is the body’s own potent antioxidant. As we age we produce less glutathione, but the amino acid cysteine is a building block of glutathione. Take n-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), at least 500 mg a few days a week. Other great antioxidants include resveratrol, acetyl l carnitine, astaxanthin, and CoQ10, which is specifically beneficial for the heart and arteries. Be cautious about taking too many antioxidants. The body needs to develop a certain amount of inflammation in order to ward off invaders. You may want to alternate the antioxidants you take on a weekly basis.

Take fish oil, which contains EPA, a profound anti-inflammatory fatty acid. A daily dose of 1,000-2,000 mg of EPA is best. And finally turmeric (curcumin) is a great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, either in cooking or as a supplement. The most readily absorbed curcumin supplements are by Curcum-evail by Designs for Health and Theracurmin.


Holistic treatment of high blood pressure and other forms of cardiovascular disease includes lifestyle changes and natural supplements. Most of the preventive measures discussed above are also appropriate in a treatment plan. In addition, Chinese herbal medicine provides specific formulas for the treatment of high blood pressure.  A combination of one of these specific formulas along with constitutional treatment using herbs and/or homeopathy rounds out a treatment program. If other illness patterns are present such as metabolic syndrome with elevated blood sugar levels and weight problems, then specific treatment that includes those issues will be necessary.

Exercise to maintain adequate circulation and oxygen transport. Practice some form of meditation, yoga, or conscious relaxation to counteract the stress reactions of the sympathetic nervous system. And maintain a whole foods diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, free of refined sugar, processed foods, and toxic chemicals. Other health-promoting practices include frequent exposure to nature, humor and laughter, and the cultivation of loving kindness in relationships.

A holistic plan that is individualized for the specific set of symptoms and dynamics in your body will help to maintain a high level of health and prevent the cascade of diseases that characterize aging.




Trick or Treat

by Dr. Randy


I hope all you parents are having fun out there with your little witches and space cadets this Halloween. Parades, costumes, and treats are a wonderful ritual of childhood. Then evening comes and you hit the streets with your munchkins, proud of their costumes and ready to fill their bags with treats. Then parents are faced with the task of candy overload. What to do about those ten pound bags of Snickers and Tootsie Rolls? All of the diligence spent during the year to avoid corn syrup comes back to haunt you on Halloween.

Here’s a suggestion. Suggest that your kids can pick a few favorite items from their stash to keep and then trade the rest for a toy at their favorite toy emporium. The toy stores are happy to take your donation and put it out in a bowl for customers. Your child is happy with the new treasured toy. And you are relieved that all of that corn syrup is out of the house.

Happy Halloween and Enjoy the Memories!

And anyone who would like to share pictures of your gallant knights and Supergirls , please send them along to me.

Dr. Randy


Staying Calm

by Dr. Randy

Image result for meditation in nature

Life has many stresses, and often we are juggling tasks, rushing to activities, and putting out fires in a busy schedule. All of these activities stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. They keep us in a mode of constantly handling emergencies.

The sympathetic nervous system is the fire fighter that responds to demands and perceived threats. This is a very useful function for keeping us safe and alive in dangerous situations. We respond almost instantaneously to a threat. Our foot hits the brake before we think about it, our hand recoils from a hot pan without our conscious intent. People who can handle a barrage of daily crises are often seen as efficient. But persistent stimulation and vigilance creates tension, and that tension can take its toll on bodily functions, resulting in high blood pressure, headaches, inflammation, heart disease, and anxiety.

The parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) calms the mind and body. It provides a counterbalance to the many distractions and calamities of the day. It is exceedingly simple to activate the PNS through a whole range of nurturing activities: meditation, deep breathing, yoga, and even just being in nature. These relaxing activities cause a release of tension and its harmful effects. If we incorporate these activities into our daily routine the result will be a sense of ease, comfort, and increased happiness.


Just doing deep breathing will cause a shift from tension to relaxation. Deep abdominal breathing is a simple technique that can be done at a desk several times a day, at a red light in traffic, or during any short break in a hectic schedule. Sit for one minute and just focus on the in and out of breathing. Make this a habit through the day to relieve stress.

More formal meditation sessions in the morning and evening provide a powerful tool for activating the PNS, resulting in long-term benefit for muscular tension, anxiety, and adrenal stress. It will help keep blood pressure under control and calm the mind to become more efficient with a relaxed and less frenetic pace. Many guided meditations are available online. Those from Insight Meditation Centers are especially helpful and easy to access.


For those who prefer a more active form of relaxation practice, yoga or tai chi may be a better fit. Yoga provides the benefits of meditation with a stretching and energetic practice. Tai Chi and Qi Gong are moving forms of meditation. These will require regular classes, but the popularity of yoga has created many opportunities and choices through yoga studios and classes at fitness centers in most communities. Tai Chi and Qi Gong are often offered as a series through local recreation centers. They are especially suitable for older patients who need gentle movement forms.


Getting out into nature has been documented in countless studies to counteract stress. Any form of exposure through hikes, walks outdoors, the ocean, or the forest will benefit physiological functions and relieve tension. Similarly, exposure to animals is beneficial whether they are pets, wild birds, or squirrels. Take breaks from work and get outdoors. Take children to the park. It’s good for them too. Put these activities into your calendar and make time to just enjoy the trees and clouds.



Inflammation: The Key to Chronic Disease

by Dr. Randy


The source

Many prevalent chronic illnesses including asthma, allergies, arthritis, and heart disease all have a common factor. Inflammation! Even cancer, Alzheimer’s and autoimmune diseases share inflammation as a fundamental mechanism that underlies these disease processes. And these disease patterns can be prevented and reversed by addressing the inflammatory reactions. These are all complicated diseases with many mechanisms.  But a fundamental treatment principle is – Control the inflammation and you can control the disease.

Causes of inflammation

Why does inflammation occur? Poor diet choices are the most common sources of inflammation. Lack of sleep, immune system dysfunction, and intestinal imbalance all add to the problem. Persistent stress in the form of emotional or physical problems is also a common source of chronic inflammatory conditions. All of these disrupt the immune system and result in the body’s inability to control persistent inflammation.

Solving the problem


The first and foremost treatment principle is to establish sound nutrition. Eliminating pro-inflammatory foods is paramount. That includes refined sugar and corn syrup, processed foods, and fast food. All of these triggers will cause flares of inflammation and persistent inflammatory disease in the gut and mucus membranes. Impaired intestinal integrity will lead to immune system disorder. So establishing a healthy small intestine lining and large intestine elimination is essential. A diet that discourages inflammation is based on fresh fruits and vegetables, clean protein sources, and healthy fats. Grains tend to be pro-inflammatory, so they should be consumed in moderation. Many patients with inflammatory conditions are especially sensitive to wheat, and a gluten-free diet can be tremendously beneficial for them.

Gut health

A healthy small intestine lining results in a healthy immune system. Patches of cells in the lining produce most immune mechanisms in the body. A healthy gut produces a resilient and resistant immune system that prevents chronic inflammation.  Any digestive symptoms need to be controlled by correcting GI imbalances. Sometimes a stool test is necessary to detect the contributing factors, but taking a good quality probiotic is always a good idea for immune health. Take a broad- spectrum probiotic with at least 20 billion CFU and saccharomyces boulardii. Prebiotics in the form of fructo-oligosaccharides or in inulin are helpful as well in the formula.

General supplements

Taking a curcumin supplement has proven useful in a wide variety of inflammatory conditions. Specific preparations to increase potency and absorption include Theracurmin and Curcum-evail.

Other important supplements include Vitamin D3 (with K2) in high doses (5,000-10,000 IU of vitamin D). An adaptogenic medicinal mushroom formula will also maintain healthy immune mechanisms. Vitamin C and other antioxidants will prevent free radical damage. A good antioxidant supplement program may include astaxanthin, resveratrol, and n-acetyl-cysteine.

Managing stress

Finally, a stress management program is crucial for everyone in our fast-paced culture. This includes an appropriate exercise regimen, sensible sleep schedule, relaxation techniques including meditation or yoga, and regularly getting out into nature. It is important to balance stress reactions with those calming tools that foster healthy metabolism and mental equanimity. This provides the link to the mind-body connection that leads to a smooth running immune system.

More to come

Next we’ll cover specific inflammatory diseases and tools for solving their problems. As always I welcome your questions.

In health,

Dr N