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Radiation Levels Worsening – What to Do

Make no mistake. The nuclear reactors in Japan are still melting down and out of control with no end in sight. The disaster in Japan has been raised to a level 7, the same level as Chernobyl, a disaster that has resulted in at least one million deaths over the long term. There is still a danger of a complete meltdown and uncontrolled fission reaction that would release drastically more radiation into the atmosphere. Radioactive water is constantly being dumped into the ocean and radiation is being released into the air.

Radiation levels in the US and other countries continue to rise. And now radioactivity is being found in water and milk. We have now reached levels comparable to the levels of Chernobyl.

Don’t be fooled by government and scientific doublespeak. We are being told that the level of radiation is similar to the exposure we experience riding in an airplane or less than an x-ray. Nonsense. There is a significant difference between eating radioactive particles from fallout, which become internal emitters of radiation inside our bodies and the radiation from natural sources or even x-rays. We are ingesting radioactive particles on a daily basis from radioactive fallout. This is significantly different than exposure from the sun or radiation from your marble countertops. Rays and emitted radiation passes through our bodies. Eating manmade radioactive materials increases your risk of cancer. And no one knows the statistics of this risk.

Daily exposure to radioactive fallout and daily ingestion of contaminated food and water is a problem. Milk samples have exceeded the limits of safety set by the EPA. What that means is that cows have eaten grass contaminated with fallout and secrete those radioactive elements in their milk. Their tissues absorb the radioactive particles, and that radiation is working its way up the food chain to us. But we are eating the same fruits and vegetables grown in the same environment. Human milk is now radioactive as well. Children are now being exposed to the same type of radiation that resulted in increased deaths from leukemia and various types of brain damage and

Now is the time to protect ourselves. Here’s how.

Monitor the radioactivity of foods, water, and milk. Drink distilled water or water filtered through reverse osmosis and take trace minerals removed by these processes.

Take supplements as I have outlined that will decrease the likelihood of damage to your body from radiation.

Become active in the anti-nuclear power community. We need to stop building nuclear reactors and convert to safe and economically viable power generation in the form of solar, wind, and geothermal energy.