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Radiation Protection

You are now being exposed to radiation that has leaked from the Japanese reactor at Fukushima. So far the levels of exposure outside of Japan are low, but they will be increasing. Food sources are now being contaminated and water sources may be next. Japan is at a critical point of possible full meltdowns in multiple reactors and an escalating catastrophe.

There are three levels of protection you can employ.

Potassium iodide can be taken in large doses in case of massive exposure to protect the thyroid gland from radioactive iodine. Do not use this now. This is a drastic procedure that may have serious side effects. It is not needed at this time. You may want to have this on hand for an emergency (adult dose is 135 mg, children ages 3-12 years 65 mg, preschoolers 1-3 years old 32 mg).

Begin using other supplements now for protection from possible radiation exposure at lower levels.


Take a chelating agent that removes metals and radioactive elements from the body. These chelators include chlorella (a green algae) or spirulina other blue green algae and kelp (5 tablets as a daily dose). These are available at health food stores. Other chelating agents include pectin (modified citrus pectin) and zeolite, both of which can be ordered online (5 grams of powder/day).


Second are antioxidants that will promote detoxification. You can take antioxidants directly or take supplements that encourage the body’s own detoxification mechanisms.

Potent antioxidants include fresh organic fruits and vegetables, CoQ10, vitamin C, vitamin D (5000 IU), grape seed extract (resveratrol), and astaxanthin from krill oil.

The primary antioxidant produced by our bodies is glutathione. This can be taken directly as reduced liposomal glutathione (150 mg/day), or stimulated by taking n-acetylcysteine (500-600 mg/day), or milk thistle (silymarin).

A simple program will include a chelating agent such as chlorella, citrus pectin, or zeolite, and antioxidant support.

A healthy intestinal tract is necessary for the excretion of toxins. Taking a probiotic (and prebiotic) supplement will help establish normal intestinal function. Eating plenty of fiber in the form of fruits and vegetables will also encourage elimination of toxins.

More detailed instructions will follow in future messages.