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Supplements for Radiation Exposure

Supplements for Radiation Exposure

Fresh organic fruits and vegetables are especially important for detoxification.

There are three categories of supplements to support the body’s removal of radioisotopes and heavy metals.

Chelation supplements

Chlorella – 5 tablets twice/day

Modified Citrus Pectin (Econugenics) – 5 grams

Zeolite powder (micronized)– 5 grams

Detoxification supplements

Metalloclear (Metagenics)

Glutathione (reduced liposomal) 150 mg or N-acetylcysteine 600 mg

Advaclear (Metagenics)

Milk thistle


Vitamin C 3,000 mg, D 5,000 IU, E (mixed tocopherol) 400IU

Grape seed and grape skin extracts (resveratrol)

Krill oil (astaxanth) from Antarctic sources – 2 capsules

Gut support


Prebiotics (fructooligosaccharides, arabinogalactan)

All of these supplements are safe for children. The dose is one-half to one-third the adult dose. And they are safe for pregnant women.

There are several multi-supplements available that include a wide range of these supporting nutrients.

Excellent organic formulas are produced by Drucker Labs (IntraMax and IntraKid liquids), New Chapter multivitamins, and others.