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Increasing Whooping Cough Incidence and Vaccine Ineffectiveness

by Dr. Randy


Whooping cough (pertussis) vaccination continues to be a problem. Despite the ongoing campaigns for universal vaccination, the incidence of children with whooping cough has been increasing since the 1980’s. The large number of yearly cases of whooping cough cannot be explained by the number of parents opting out of vaccine requirements.  And it is common for previously vaccinated children to come down with the disease.

This is especially frustrating for conventional medical practitioners who have no effective treatment for whooping cough. The disappointment in the pertussis vaccine is expressed by the authors of a recent study in their conclusion. “Pertussis continues to be the most poorly controlled bacterial vaccine-preventable disease in this country, despite high rates of DTaP coverage.”

The study published in Pediatrics sought to determine the cause of the rising incidence of whooping cough. The researchers discovered that the vaccine seems to lose its effectiveness over a short period of time.

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