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Laptop Dangers

by Dr. Randy


Fertility experts advise men to avoid hot tubs and to wear boxer underwear so that the temperature of the testicles remains at a relatively low level. Raising scrotal temperature by just 1 degree (C) can reduce sperm count by as much as 40 percent. Now researchers at the State University of New York have identified another risk factor for fertility problems in men, the use of laptop computers. After one hour of use, the base of a laptop computer measures about 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees C.). Men who worked at a computer balanced on their laps had an average scrotal temperature increase of 5 degrees Fahrenheit (2.7 C) after 1 hour of use. This finding prompted the researchers to voice concerns in the European journal Human Reproduction about damage to fertility in men from laptop use.

I have an additional concern about body exposure to any electromagnetic radiation, from computers and cell phones held next to the body. Cell phones emit radiation whether they are in talk or standby mode as they constantly search for a transmitter. Everyone should always use a headset rather than putting a cell phone next to your brain. Children should never use cell phones without a headset. Don’t keep cell phones in a pants pocket near reproductive organs or in a shirt or jacket pocket next to your heart. A review of all cell phone studies to date revealed that nine published studies have examined the association between cell phones and brain or eye tumors. All nine showed an enhanced cancer risk from cell phones with increasing risk for longer duration of phone use (Kundi, 2004).

Computers similarly emit electromagnetic radiation. My advice is to keep them off your lap.

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