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Low-carb Conquers the Accepted Wisdom

by Dr. Randy


How do you know when a revolution has succeeded? When the principles advocated by the revolutionaries pervade the mainstream culture. Low-carb eating is now a way of life for millions of Americans. Food manufacturers are scrambling to get their percentage of market share in the low-carb eating frenzy. Restaurants, specialty stores, and food delivery services are opening across the country to capitalize on the sensible path of eating less carbohydrates. Bakeries are searching for low-carb recipes to stay afloat as their sales plummet.

Most of this hoopla is built around prepackaged fast foods. I would caution consumers to beware of these products. Many of them substitute soy for wheat flour because soy is higher in protein. Artificial sweeteners replace the sugar to make these products taste sweeter. The ingredient lists often also include preservatives and artificial colors. Each of these products can be dangerous.

Soy is not an appropriate food for humans. It interferes with mineral absorption, causes unwanted estrogen effects that can promote cancer. Soy depletes thyroid function, and it increases the body’s requirements of vitamins D and B12. Do not replace wheat with soy products.

The total-carb, net-carb figures on packaged foods hide the fact that some ingredients in these low-carb products are dangerous to your health.

Why not simply rely on a natural foods diet primarily composed of protein sources (chicken, turkey, eggs, and whole milk dairy products), vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats. Organic is best when possible. Healthy fats are butter and coconut oil for cooking, and olive oil for salads.

Adults need to eventually stop eating grains. Most children do well on whole grains. As people age they become less tolerant of the body’s reactions to starches. Adults in their 20s and 30s need to reduce their intake of grains. By the time adults reach their 40s and 50s, they should not be eating grains at all. Forget sweeteners, or use raw honey, xylitol, or lo-han.