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Meditation for Children and Teens

by Dr. Randy



I am teaching a regular meditation session for children aged 8- 15 years old on Tue and Thu mornings at 10:00 PT through Zoom. These classes should be fun and lead to an online community of friends. No commitment is necessary and there is no fee. These sessions are open to attend at any time, although regular practice will garner the most benefit. Have your kids bring their friends and try it out. Everyone is welcome.

This is a nonsectarian meditation of mind training with no reference to any religious viewpoint. It is known as “calming the mind” or “stillness” in different traditions, intended to improve attention and stabilize the mind. It is not MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) or visualization. It is based on the principle of settling body, speech, and mind in their natural states. The body is relaxed, and in this practice speech represents the motion of the mind usually expressed as the arising of thoughts. And Mind represents awareness of what the mind is doing. The natural state is calm, relaxed, and stable.

Beneficial effects that one could expect are improvement of attention and sleep, and the symptoms of anxiety, nervousness, anger, and sadness if those are problems. Parents could expect to see an improvement in disruptive behavior if that is a problem.

These sessions are open for drop-in on Zoom. We will typically check in at the beginning, have a short talk about meditation, and then have a 12 minute guided meditation. Here is the Zoom link.