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Meditation group time change

by Dr. Randy


The meditation group has been so successful that we are expanding and refining the group process and changing the format for the children and teens meditation.

Teens 13-18 MWF 4:00 PST

Kids 7-12 TTH 4:00 PST

We are separating the teens sessions and the younger children. Teens will meet on MWF at 4:00 PST and include 13-18 year olds. Younger meditators from 7-12 years old will meet TTh at 4:00 PST. If 11 or 12 year olds are ready they can come to the older group after talking to me.

So now we have the opportunity for older teens to join the group. Please encourage your teens to join with their friends.

I am so impressed with their dedication and motivation, and I’m looking forward to giving them the individual attention that this new format will provide.