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Nutrition Talks for Children and Teens (with Passcodes)

by Dr. Randy


whole foods

Here you will find recordings with links and access codes of two lectures on nutrition  presented to kids as narrated PowerPoints. One is for teens and the other is for 7-12 year old children.

It is helpful if children themselves take control of their own health and well-being with the understanding of a healthy lifestyle. In these talks I present the importance of the digestive tract for overall immune system health and how to maintain health through a nutritious whole foods diet. We also talk about the foods and non-foods to avoid in their diets and the red-light/green-light approach to choosing what to eat.

Here are the links. Encourage your kids to watch them.

7-12 year old children Passcode: iD5S%xK3

13-18 year old teens Passcode: Rt6E$EPE