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Holistic Pediatric Training

Available Online Seminars

You can see the available online seminars and register for them at Healthy Child. Student discounts are available. For information about all of these programs visit to view the details of seminar content, biographies of the instructors, and to register.

Online Consultation

In conjunction with Holistic Pediatric Training we also offer a free online pediatric consultation forum and discussion group for pediatric practitioners through our Yahoo Group. Practitioners who have questions about their treatment of children now have access to expert pediatric practitioners. This interactive consortium of pediatric acupuncturists, pediatricians, and other pediatric professionals is dedicated to increasing the ability of all practitioners to treat children, gain confidence in the management of children's cases, and provide peer support for difficult pediatric cases.

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The Holistic Pediatric Training seminars taught by Dr. Neustaedter are designed to provide clinicians with an integrated program that conveys the concepts and skills necessary to treat children from a holistic perspective. 

Practitioners who want to expand their practices to treat children can now receive the training they need to become effective and confident child health care providers. Practitioners can develop confidence in diagnosing pediatric medical problems and managing children’s illnesses, as well as gaining a more comprehensive perspective on the principles of holistic pediatric health care.

This is a unique opportunity for students to train with Dr. Neustaedter in a small group and learn holistic pediatrics in a clinical setting. The clinic sessions include didactic lectures with assisted PowerPoint presentations and Socratic seminar discussions, as well as hands-on care of children with a wide range of illness patterns and problems. The training is open to acupuncturists, doctors, and serious parents who desire to become self-sufficient in treating their children.

Subjects of the program

The program includes preventive care, physical exams, developmental pediatrics, management of children’s academic careers and learning styles, Chinese pediatric herbal medicine, functional medicine principles, homeopathic acute care, and nutritional supplements for prevention and treatment.

Specific topics focus on immune system dysfunction (allergies, asthma, eczema, and recurrent infections), digestive problems including infantile reflux and colic, assessment of learning styles, attention problems (labeled as ADD and ADHD), behavior and sleep problems, and acute care of common illness patterns (otitis, viral illness, bronchitis, UTI). The emphasis and perspective is always on the overall patterns and relationships of energetic function from a holistic perspective. Students will develop a clear understanding of developmental, behavioral, and learning problems in order to help parents solve these problems from a holistic perspective.


The curriculum comprises seven modules. Together these modules create an integrated methodology for treating most children’s common health issues.

Holistic pediatrics: Immune system challenges; Vaccine choices; Child development

Nutrition: Principles, cultural traditions, styles; Infants; Older children

Respiratory problems: Fevers and Colds; Ear infections; Cough; Allergies; Asthma

Skin problems: Cradle cap; Eczema

Digestive problems: Reflux and colic; Tummy aches and dysbiosis

Behavior and sleep problems: Infants; Toddlers and older children

Education and learning: Attention problems; Learning styles; Talents and multiple intelligences