by Dr. Randy


Plastic, plastic everywhere, and its polluting our planet and decimating wildlife. Some plastic containers are unavoidable, like yogurt and vitamin supplements. At other times we have choices. Here are some options for you to use less plastic.

1.     Whenever you enter a store, whether you intend on buying anything or not, bring a bag in with you. Carry some canvas, cloth, or paper bags with you for this purpose. Keep some in your car. Make a rule for yourself to never take a plastic bag from a store.

2.     Buy a box of biodegradable trash bags from a health food store or online and use those for your garbage. Never buy a plastic bag again.

3.     Stop buying plastic water bottles. These bottles are “recycled” by shipping them to India and piling them on mountains of plastic there. Use a water filter in your home, either a reverse osmosis filter or a cartridge filter system that removes fluoride. Use stainless steel or glass bottles to store your filtered water and to take with you.