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Preventing Viruses

by Dr. Randy


Preventing Viruses

Many people are asking me what to do about preventing viruses. My first suggestion is do not look at media reports, news updates, Internet reports, or social media posts about pandemics and viruses. These purposely promote fear, which depletes your immune system. Do not go there. And do not take any vaccines for flu or other viruses. Take appropriate precautions against colds and other viruses such as hand washing with organic products. Get on with your life. Practice loving kindness and compassion. This will strengthen your immune system.

Support your family’s immune system with a healthy whole foods diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, and warm foods and soups in the winter. Eat fermented foods (natural pickles, sauerkraut, kombucha) that contain plentiful probiotics. Avoid processed, refined foods, and packaged products with added sugar, chemicals, and synthetic vitamins. Eat organic and non-GMO foods free of pesticides. You can also take some supplements to support your immune system. Here is what I recommend.

Immune Supplements

Take a vitamin D3 supplement, preferably one that also contains vitamin K2. Your immune system needs vitamin D, and in the colder months vitamin D levels in the body drop with reduced sun exposure. Adults need 5,000-10,000 IU of vitamin D per day, and children need at least 1,000 IU per 25 pounds of body weight.  Other immune system activators include astragalus and medicinal mushrooms. A probiotic formula will also help the immune defense system fight off pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Prebiotics are helpful as well.

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Here are some brands I recommend, all available through my website:

Immunoberry liquid for children by Designs for Health (DFH)

Immunitone Plus capsules for adults (DFH)

Vitamin D3 with K supplements such as:

Vitamin D 10,000 capsules for adults by Metagenics

Vitamin D drops (1,000 IU /drop) by OrthoMolecular

Excellent probiotic supplements are:

Orthobiotic powder for babies and young children by OrthoMolecular

Orthobiotic capsules for older children and adults by OrthoMolecular

UltraFlora Spectrum capsules by Metagenics

UltraFlora Synergy powder for children by Metagenics


Now just go stay healthy!