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Prions: More reason to eat organic meat

by Dr. Randy


If you choose to eat beef, let it be only organic. Cattle are fed and treated with so many toxic products that their meat could literally kill you. Commercial beef is laden with numerous cancer-causing chemicals including pesticides, growth hormones, estrogen, antibiotics, worming medicines, vaccines, and their chemical constituents (mercury, antifreeze, aluminum, formaldehyde). Now we also have prions (pronounced pree-ons) in cattle from the US.

The lone case of mad cow disease discovered in Washington has led 29 countries to ban the import of US beef. More cases of the disease will invariably be reported, and contaminated meat may have already made its way into our food supply since cattle have not been tested for the disease in any significant numbers until this incident. Only four percent of “downed” cows (unable to walk and therefore dragged to slaughter) have been tested for mad cow disease. In Europe, 25 percent of cows meant for human consumption are tested; in Japan, all such cows are tested. Until now, just 1 in 1,700 cows have been tested in the United States.

Prions are simple abnormal proteins that kill cattle with mad cow disease, and also kill people if they ingest beef that contains these prions. The disease is spread when cattle are fed animal products that contain prions. This is the official explanation, which is disputed by some scientists who insist that no scientific study has ever documented the spread of mad cow disease through ingestion of prions by cattle or humans. Other theorists insist that organophosphate insecticides (Phosmet and Malathion in cattle and lice medications in humans) can deform prion molecules and cause the devastating nervous system disease.

Cows may ingest prions through beef or blood that is recycled into feed. Calves are routinely fed cattle blood protein, and cattle are fed chicken meal from chickens who have been fed ground up cattle. Prions cannot be destroyed by heat or radiation. They are virtually indestructible. Prions have been isolated from muscle tissue of infected rodents and humans, but not from beef.

Whether the dreaded diseases (known as spongiform encephalopthies, mad cow disease, and variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in humans) are caused by cannibalistic cattle or cattle treated with dangerous insecticides, beef from organic cattle and cattle raised on completely natural feed without chemicals or animal byproducts are significantly safer.

My advice: Do not eat beef from commercial sources. Eat only beef from organic, grass fed, or vegetarian fed cattle, whose histories are capable of being traced by the butcher. Do not ever allow your children to eat beef in school lunch programs or at fast food restaurants until all cattle are tested for disease.

For a more detailed discussion of the government cover-up of mad cow risk in the US go to the Green Party website at

And here is a reprinted article from Informed Choice magazine on this subject with a different twist.

Mad Cow Risk from American Vaccines

Informed Choice Magazine

Eating meat from infected cows is not the only, or even the most common way of contracting the human form of Mad Cow Disease (vCJD). It has been known for some time that an even greater risk to humans is posed by the injection of vaccines containing brain and nerve tissue derived from infected cattle products, which are contained in many childhood and adult vaccines.

Despite the fact that alternatives are available, bovine material which may be contaminated with the prions known to cause BSE in cattle and vCJD in humans, continues to be used in the production of vaccines administered to American children and adults every day.

This risk has been accepted since the late 1980’s. In February 1988, The Southwood committee, charged by the British government with investigating the potential for transmission of Mad Cow disease from cows to humans issued a report stating that. “The greatest risk … would be from parenteral injection of material derived from bovine brain or lymphoid tissue. Medicinal products for injection which are prepared from bovine tissues… might also be capable of transmitting infectious agents.”

Many drug companies have claimed that this material was safe because it was sourced from American herds which were free of BSE (though it is known that many vaccine seed-stocks and gelatines actually come from British herds and were sourced in the mid-1980’s – the time of greatest risk). We now know that this is not the case and millions of American children and adults may have been placed at risk of death, not only from eating infected meat products, but from the very vaccines which were meant to keep them healthy.

An FDA Committee which met to discuss the issue of potential risk of BSE from vaccines actually talked about revealing the risks to parents and decided that, “We have a duty … to protect the vaccine system in this country.”

“With an incubation period before symptoms emerge of between 20 and 40 years and a prognosis of almost certain death from prolonged and terrible neurological symptoms, it is essential that we err on the side of caution,” states Meryl Dorey, editor of the Australian health magazine, Informed Choice. “Many of the most commonly prescribed medications in use today (such as insulins and many hormone-based drugs) and almost all injected and oral vaccines contain bovine products which have the potential to spread this deadly disease to our children. Parents need to be made aware of this risk and pharmaceutical companies must immediately withdraw all products which contain this material. The FDA does not have a duty to ‘protect the vaccine system’ as stated above. Rather, they have a sacred duty of care to protect the citizens of this land and to ensure that the drugs and vaccines which they use are as safe and pure as possible.”

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