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Radiation Dangers – Don’t be fooled by reassurances

by Dr. Randy


From Dr. Randall Neustaedter

In case you are getting lulled into complacency regarding the dangers of radiation to you now and in the coming year – it’s time to wake up. Radiation exposure from the Fukushima disaster is not going away. It is increasing.

If you doubt that Fukushima could be worse than Chernobyl, then watch this video of an interview with one of the world’s leading experts in nuclear radiation dangers.

The New York Times and other mass media publications have been publishing articles that downplay the dangers of radioactive fallout from nuclear accidents like the Fukushima and Chernobyl disasters. And the Environmental Protection Agency has now stopped testing air, water, and milk samples for radiation despite the continuing release of radioactive materials into the environment from Japan.

The Fukushima disaster has resulted in a nuclear meltdown that has no end in sight. That reactor is still spewing fallout into the ocean and the atmosphere. It may never be brought under control. Chernobyl is still leaking dangerous radioactive materials. Nuclear reactors are fundamentally unsafe. Every one of them is subject to a meltdown situation in multiple unforeseen and even predictable scenarios. Chernobyl resulted in at least one million deaths. How many will Fukushima claim? Experts are now predicting an equal or greater number or deaths.

And the New York Times pundits have the audacity to remind us that the atomic bomb tests of the 1950s resulted in more persistent radioactive fallout than these nuclear reactor disasters. And what about those decaying barrels of nuclear waste material dumped in the ocean they ask. And the junked and sunk nuclear submarines in the deep abysses of our oceans. But the New York Times and other media fodder have an agenda – to promote the deadly nuclear energy program. Anything to divert our attention from the very real dangers facing us right now.

Everyone is being exposed to radioactive fallout, which is much more dangerous to you than natural sources of radiation. Don’t be fooled by fancy graphs of the relative exposure from rocks and x-rays and reassurances that you get more exposure during airplane travel. Man-made nuclear reactor disasters result in radioactive particles that animals ingest. These particles emit radiation. They lodge in body tissues of cows. They are passed through their milk. They enter our bodies through water and milk and rain and air. They persist in our bodies near vital organs and continue to emit radiation that damages cells and increases cancer risk.
If you want to see the current state of affairs in Japan, check out this map of Geiger counter readings from private citizens all over the country.

What can you do? Demand that we stop dependence on nuclear energy and that our governments vigorously pursue alternative and safe sources of energy (geothermal, solar, and wind). Take nutritional supplements that chelate heavy metals including radioactive elements. And take antioxidants that protect your cells. For a protocol see

Please be aware that seaweed, kelp, spirulina, chlorella, and other sea vegetable sources that chelate and detoxify radiation exposure may now be radioactive if they are produced in Japan. Some kelp sources have shown high levels of radioactivity. Fish and seaweed may be dangerous. Research your sources of these products. Call the manufacturer and ask about their monitoring for radioactivity. Then determine if you are satisfied with their assurances.

And if you don’t believe me, watch the video interview and read the attached article.