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Radiation Risk Now

by Randall Neustaedter OMD


There is some confusion and understandable apprehension about the risk from radiation exposure for those living at a significant distance from Japan. Although the radiation dangers in Japan and in the surrounding ocean near Japan are very real, for countries thousands of miles away levels of radiation are, fortunately, only slightly elevated. The radiation leaking from the reactors in Japan has not been brought under control. It has been over a month since the disaster hit Japan and still there is no prediction of when the radiation leaks will diminish. There is still a danger of a much worse scenario at the precarious reactors there. And the disaster will take decades to clean up.

You may be exposed to some minimal levels of radioactive iodine and cesium now from fallout which has been drifting from Japan all across the Northern Hemisphere. And these levels could increase over the coming weeks and months. Because of that you can take supplements that help detoxify and eliminate radioactive elements.

You do not need to be alarmed. Drinking water is still safe and mothers do not need to stop breastfeeding their children. You can purchase a reverse osmosis water filter. You can take supplements in the form of chelating agents, antioxidants, and liver support as I have outlined in other messages. If you live in Japan you definitely should be doing this and more.

Hopefully, we will not see radiation levels increasing significantly, and hopefully the scientists and workers at Fukushima will get the reactors there stabilized. In the meantime we will continue to observe radiation levels in foods and water, and take appropriate measures to prevent disease from this radiation exposure.



  • SjohniS

    Your information is very helpful. Have been forwarding it to relatives and friends that are “aware” at some degree or another. Thank you.