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Radioactive Seaweed Unsafe

by Dr. Randy


Samples of seaweed including kelp have been showing signs of radioactive fallout including high radiation levels. I realize that many health care advisors have been recommending sea vegetables of various kinds as a means to counteract the effects of radiation. Brown seaweed alginates have been shown to chelate heavy metals. And spirulina as well chlorella and seaweed have been recommended to supply iodine and to eliminate toxins, both of which are helpful for radiation exposure. But you do not want to eat seaweed grown near the Fukushima nuclear disaster which has been dumping thousands of tons of radioactive water into the ocean around Japan on a daily basis for nearly two months. This radioactivity has contaminated sea life there. It is not safe to eat fish, shellfish, shrimp, or seaweed grown in these waters. Similarly, krill oil is also produced in Japan. You want to be sure that fish oil and krill oil supplements come from Arctic or Antarctic waters free of radiation.
Unless you know your source, stop eating all of these products that may have been grown in Japan. Some supplement manufacturers are now testing their products for radioactivity. If you are considering taking a supplement that contains seaweed or algae, then contact the manufacturer to get assurance that their product has no possibility of containing radioactive materials.



  • Anonymous

    Doctor, Do you think that food manufacturers are reliable regarding production dates and codes? Doesn’t it take a while to harvest, inspect, process, dry, and package organic seaweeds? I was counting on a few weeks to buy safe seaweed products, including time for shipping to my location…Are they contaminated just by transport in packages through contaminated areas? And for how long will the Atlantic Ocean brands be safer? If you store them for a couple months (dried seaweed keeps for years), would that eliminate I-131 as the main problem?
    As this crisis wears on, will there be more likelihood of falsification of food production times or sources, which I am relying on for my purchases? (I know those in Russia went through this before, but it is all pretty overwhelming.) Thanks again!!

    • Dr. Neustaedter

      You will need to talk to the manufacturer to get their assurance that they are testing their products and then gauge your purchases on how reliable and high tech they sound in their response. The question to ask yourself is do you trust them. If so then buy their product. I am more concerned about Cesium and Plutonium than Iodine from Fukushima. Cesium 137 has a half life of 30 years and Plutonium 239 has a half life of 24,000 years.