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Remote access to care

by Dr. Randy


Mother on computer and baby

I am expanding my practice so that I can provide care to a wider range of people across the country. Many families do not have access to holistic health care. Although they strive to raise their children with natural methods as much as possible, many questions arise. What are the best dosages of supplements? What foods should I avoid? When can I treat problems at home and when do I need to seek professional care?

I am making myself available through email for questions about health, raising healthy children, and providing the best care possible for your family. If symptoms call for treatment, then I am also available to consult by phone or video calls to help you make appropriate decisions and design a plan for resolving problems.

Many families live in remote areas. Many people choose to live in parts of the world with a healthy environment, free of the pollution and toxic influences of cities. Holistic medical care may not be easily available.

I will provide three ways for you to access information to solve problems. I am available to discuss your concerns and questions and support you in the process of staying healthy no matter where you live.

  1. You can ask me questions through email or Facebook. I will respond and post answers.
  2. If questions or problems require a discussion I can set up a time to consult with you.
  3. I am preparing recorded discussions on a wide range of pediatric topics that you can access through my website.


You can reach me through my email, website, or Facebook page.

Facebook: Dr. Randall Neustaedter or cureguide1