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Risk factors and prevention in the pandemic

by Dr. Randy


Two primary risk factors have been identified for severe respiratory distress and fatalities in the current viral pandemic. Those risk factors include more advanced age (over age 60, with an increasing degree of risk for each additional year) and those people with underlying health problems, such as asthma, respiratory weaknesses, and chronic inflammatory and autoimmune problems (diabetes, hypertension). These are the groups that urgently need to be treated with methods that build immune function. Now is the time to work on correcting imbalances in the body to build the strongest resistance to infection and inflammation possible.

We need to prevent complications in the elderly and anyone with these types of health conditions by providing them with preventive holistic care. This treatment could include specific individualized supplements, herbs and homeopathic medicines that provide energetic tonification and the mobilization of healing to create a higher level of health. This will result in greater resistance to infection and inflammation. We need to do this now before the virus is more widespread.

We need to do everything we can to slow the progress of the pandemic and prevent deaths. Please urge your families to seek this type of care. Many practitioners are now doing online consultations. I am available to anyone through my online practice at my email, text 650 299-9170, or website