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SARS: Medical Scare of the Month Club

by Dr. Randy


Take a deep breath. What happened to West Nile Virus? The media was freaked about that last year. This month it’s a new exotic virus fresh out of China that is chewing up the airwaves and keeping the health editor busy at your local newspaper. So far 14 people have died, not exactly a worldwide killer. As in the treatment of so many other illnesses, allopathic medicine has been rendered helpless by this disease. What has prompted this virus to arise now? Is it the harbinger of bad news to come, the beginning of a global pandemic? First we are told that the virus depends on close personal contact with those infected, then we hear that it spread through the ninth floor of a luxury hotel and entire apartment complexes in Hong Kong. Now it is individual superspreaders responsible for most cases.

I am convinced we will see many new pathogens appear on the scene, and allopathic medicine will continue to chase them down with heroic and costly measures in the form of vaccines and drugs. The big picture that the medical establishment never admits, however, is their own contribution to the development of new and more dangerous bugs. This is the grand failure of medicine’s war on microbes. Vaccines weaken the population’s immune system. Antiviral and antibiotic drugs cause pathogens to mutate and become resistant to drug treatment. Cattle and chickens are fed constant antibiotics that result in more drug resistance. It is no wonder that the medical establishment is stumped.

What is causing SARS? In the Canadian “epidemic” none of the people with supposed SARS grew out the suspect coronavirus in a group of test subjects according to Dr. Frank Plummer, head of Health Canada’s national microbiology laboratory, and 14 percent of control subjects without symptoms of SARS cultured positive for the virus. What is going on? Very poor science and a misguided public health policy. Why is there no reliable test for SARS? Because no one knows what causes it, and there is considerable disagreement about the symptoms that constitute this mysterious disease. My advice? Believe nothing you read about SARS in the popular press. For a more realistic perspective than you will find in the drug-company inebriated media, go to

What is the solution? Fortify your immune system with supplements of omega-3 fats and foods rich in vitamin C, E, and other antioxidants. Avoid vaccines and other drugs that weaken your immunity. Eat organic foods whenever possible, and try to avoid all non-organic meats and dairy products that contain antibiotics.

Homeopathy and herbal medicine are not dependent on identifying and killing pathogens. They work by strengthening the body’s ability to fight infections. Homeopathy has been successfully treating measles, mumps, and RSV (the paramyxovirus family) for 200 years, preventing complications and deaths.

Antiviral drugs are not the answer. It is time we stopped relying on drug companies’ attempts to rescue us from infectious diseases. We will be much better served by utilizing a preventive approach to good health and natural healing systems that that have a long history of treating infections.