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Shamatha Meditation for Children and Teens

by Dr. Randy


Meditation kids

We are moving our meditation meetings next week to Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 4:00 PT, beginning on August 17. Several of our members are going back to school, either in person or virtually, but everyone seems to be available by 4:00. If anyone needs to miss specific days or has a conflict on some days, that is perfectly fine. They will not miss anything. Hopefully, this time change will also allow new members to join us. So tell your friends.

Our meditation group has been a tremendous success. This is a dedicated and wonderful group of kids, very sincere, and sensitive. My feeling has always been that these children are very special indigo beings who are here to save our world. My goal is to give them the mind training tools to accomplish that by raising themselves and the world around them to a higher frequency. Shamatha meditation is “calm abiding,” and we are already integrating that with Vipasyana, “insight” into the nature of reality. There are no philosophical principles or doctrines included in these meditations, just the experience of the space of the mind and the clear light of the universe. These skills should enhance focus, attention, and acquisition of knowledge.

I invite anyone aged 8-15 years old to join us and try these meditations. There is no sequence. Anyone can join at any time.

Here is the Zoom link for those who need it.