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Should Recent Whooping Cough Cases Alarm Us?

by Dr. Randy


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Once again whooping cough (or pertussis) is in the news. Dire warnings alert parents about epidemics and the dangers of whooping cough for small children. These reports are intended to provoke anxiety in parents who naturally want to protect their children from danger. If whooping cough is running rampant, then these cries of alarm will rouse the drowsy populace to take heed. That is the strategy of the pharmaceutical industry, which has an ever increasing need to sell their product by vaccinating the population.

The most recent ingenious strategy of vaccine manufacturers is to alarm new parents encouraging them to personally screen all contacts of their babies for whooping cough. Before an adult can come in contact with a baby they must prove their “immunity” to whooping cough by certifying that they have received the pertussis vaccine.  This is supposedly due to the whooping cough epidemic that has invaded your community. The truth is a different story. Read more…