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Happy and Healthy 2015 – Without the Flu

2014 December 31 by


I wish you a happy and especially a healthy new year. My goal is to keep you at a level of optimal healthy throughout the year. Already the media and the pharmaceutical industry are predicting a severe flu season in a grand effort to sell flu shots. At the same time drug companies and flu vaccine experts are admitting that the flu vaccine will be relatively ineffective again this year because the predominant flu strains are not contained in the vaccines.

Immune Supplements

I encourage you to use natural methods to stay healthy and encourage a vigorous immune system for yourself and your family, rather than get ineffective and dangerous flu vaccines. Here’s a formula for success and personal health. Take a vitamin D3 supplement, preferably one that also contains vitamin K2. Your immune system needs vitamin D, and in the colder months vitamin D levels in the body drop with reduced sun exposure. Adults need 5,000-10,000 IU of vitamin D per day, and children need at least 1,000 IU per 25 pounds of body weight.  Other immune system activators include astragalus, whey protein powder, medicinal mushrooms, and colostrum.  A probiotic formula will also help the immune defense system fight off pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

All of these supplements are available through my website, at the Emerson link on the home page. Click on that and register with the code word “doctor”.

Here are some brands I recommend all available through my site:

Designs for Health (DFH) Whey Cool protein powder

Immunoberry liquid for children (DFH)

Immunitone Plus for adults (DFH)

Vitamin D3 with K supplements include:

Vitamin D 10,000 capsules for adults by Metagenics

Vitamin D drops (1,000 IU /drop)by OrthoMolecular

Excellent probiotic supplementsa are:

UltraFlora Spectrum or UltraFlora Immune Support capsules by Metagenics

UltraFlora Children’s Chewable by Metagenics

Orthobiotic powder for babies and young children by OrthoMolecular

These probiotics are all formulated specifically for immune system support.

Have a healthy year and stay posted for heath updates and tips throughout the year.

Dr. Neustaedter





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Stay Healthy

2011 October 5 by


With winter approaching it is time to start an immune system support program for you and your kids. For most people the most important ingredient is Vitamin D (1,000 IU for babies, 2,000 IU for kids, 5,000 IU for adults). Other supplements in the program for immune support can include whey protein concentrate or colostrum, Vitamin C, astragalus, elderberry, and medicinal mushrooms (ganoderma, reishi, shiitake, maitake, cordyceps).

This program can be taken in tandem with other antioxidant and detoxification supplements. My favorites of those are CoQ10, resveratrol, ALA, mixed tocopherol vitamin E, reduced glutathione. And don’t forget fish oil or krill oil for their antiinflammatory and brain function effects.

Have a great winter. and keep up the exercise program.


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Boosting Kids’ Immune Systems

2011 March 10 by


For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere kids are back at school and winter weather is approaching. This means dealing with colds, coughs, and perhaps flus. Prevention is the key. The first step for parents to take during cold season is to build immune function in your children and create the highest resistance to infection possible. We can accomplish this by activating the immune system and encouraging resistance through a healthy diet, adequate sleep, maintaining exercise even in the winter, and using nutritional supplements.

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